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Good quality certified nursing assistants are in high demand in New York.  If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, you will need to attend one of the many state approved training courses in the state.  You can even find some options for receiving your certification for free.  Training courses are often offered at community colleges, adult education facilities, nursing care facilities and some high schools.

Certification by Reciprocity

You might very well be able to transfer a valid CNA certification to the state of New York.  The state of New York does offer you the opportunity to apply for reciprocity if you hold a certification that is valid and in good standing within another state.  It will be necessary for you to contact the Department of Health in New York in order to apply for reciprocity. Follow the instructions for your application carefully to ensure that you provide all information and documents necessary.  Your application will be carefully reviewed to determine whether or not your certification can be transferred.

CNA Certification Renewal

If you are not going to be working much as a certified nursing assistant in a two-year period, make certain you work for at least 8 hours or your certification will lapse.  Everyone who is a nursing assistant must renew their certification every two years.  It is relatively easy to renew your certification as long as you carefully follow the instructions on the renewal forms that you should receive two months or so before your certification expires.  You will need to attend a training course again if you do not renew your certification as required.


Q.  I live in New York and have wanted to become a certified nursing assistant for quite some time.  Of course, New York is a big area and I am trying to find nursing assistant courses offered by region.  Do you know if I can find a list of New York’s approved CNA programs that would list schools and other training locations based on various regions in New York?

A.  Yes, you can find a list of state approved programs for training.  There is a list that is broken down by various locations in New York to make it easier to find what you are looking for.  As you can imagine, there are a variety of nursing assistant programs available in New York.  Check out this list:

Q.  I have heard that Prometric is the company that handles Nursing Assistant Certification Exams in New York.  I would like to have this verified.  One of my friends is contemplating becoming a nursing assistant.  I am currently working as a nurse but am trying to help her with her career goals.  I have also heard that the written competency portion exam is going to be updated for New York.  Is this accurate?

A.  Yes Prometric does handle New York CNA exams.  It is true that they are working on a new testing system.  Part of the system will include computers being used for the “written” portion of the test.  The new system has not gone into effect yet.  It is to be introduced in July of this year (2012).

CNA Certification Information by State:

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