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Most Certified Nurse Assistants might assume that they are limited to working in a health care facility close to home, but have you ever considered the possibility of seeing the world while maintaining a steady and profitable career?  Most health care professionals are aware that there are travel contracts available to Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses but what most of them don’t know is that there are traveling jobs available for the C.N.A as well.

Imagine seeing the world as you broaden your working experience.  How exciting would it be to learn new skills in various locations and do some sightseeing on your down time? There are agencies who will hire you under contract to provide health care staff to a facility in need.  What this means is that you will agree to work at a specified location for a set amount of time and then move on to the next location.  These agencies provide services to various health care facilities by sending a C.N.A., L.V.N/L.P.N., R.N. or even a P.A. to assist them with staffing problems.  The agency may assist a new facility that has just opened and isn’t yet fully staffed, or it could be something as simple as filling for an employee who is out on maternity leave.  Temporary positions may last from 13 weeks up to a year.

These agencies often require that a background check be performed and that a drug test be taken. They most definitely will require that your state certification is up to date and that you have a little working experience under your belt.  Most of these agencies pay very well and many offer exciting benefits for travel.  If the travel is a far distance from your home, the agency will most likely pay for your flight to and from the location, will pay for your accommodations, which are usually very chic, and will provide a rental car for your transportation while there.  This is separate from actual hours worked.  A good agency will pay a set amount for you hours worked, including per diem and overtime, and some agencies offer a healthy bonus just for referrals.  If your working destination is closer to home, then the agency should pay for your travel time and fuel expenses. They should also pay for housing if required and will sometimes pay for meals.  There are also often other perks for the traveler such as free movie rentals and discounts for dining and entertainment as well.  A good agency should provide the contract in writing for your approval and signature. Read it carefully.  You may get to travel to a variety of luxurious locations or you may simply take a paid trip to see the Midwest.

If you decide that a traveling job is for you, be sure and do your homework first.  There are agencies out there who will hire a C.N.A.  The best way to find one is by word of mouth.  If this is not possible you should try to find an agency that has been around for awhile and that has references from the facilities they have assisted.  Also, steer clear of any shady dealings, such as no contract, or a place that doesn’t require you to submit to any screening or testing, or basically anything that doesn’t feel right.  You want to have a pleasant employment experience and your safety should be your potential employer’s top priority.

Traveling health care positions for the C.N.A. are not usually highly advertised but they are available.  You often have to be vigilant in your search to find a travel position for a C.N.A. as they are not as prevalent as those for the R.N. and L.V.N / L.P.N.  Serving as a traveling health care professional can be a wonderful way to see the world while strengthening your medical training and enhancing your work experience.  A traveling position is not always for everyone, but if think you may enjoy traveling to various locations and have the freedom to do so, then a traveling C.N.A. position may be just what you are searching for.

Written by Stephanie Dubenezic RN, LPN

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