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Have you ever been envious of people who get to travel for work?  They hop from place to place and get to see new destinations while they simultaneously earn a living.  Did you know that there are travel positions for Certified Nurse’s Assistants and other members of the medical staff as well?  Before you leap at the opportunity let’s find out if it’s for you.

A travel career is not for everyone.  You should examine your personal life to find out if you are cut out for a travel position as a C.N.A. before you apply.  Do you have children or pets that require you to be available for them on a daily basis?  Do you have a relationship that may be impacted significantly by your absence?  And finally, do you have any obligations or commitments that may impede you from being away on a regular basis?  If you answered yes to any of these then you should develop a plan for these needs to be met before you consider a travel position.  Are you more outgoing or more of an introvert?  Lastly, do you enjoy being away from home and staying in a hotel or are you more of a home-body?

If you decide that you would like to experience a career as a traveling C.N.A. then you need to find a reputable place of employment.  The best way to find a reliable agency is by word of mouth.  It can be beneficial if you know someone who works for a particular agency and has given them satisfactory feedback.  If this isn’t possible then you should seek out an agency that has been long established and can provide you with a list of references which includes a record of the facilities that they have assisted.   Avoid any agency that does not appear legitimate and doesn’t offer a contract or one that asks anything unreasonable such as meeting in an obscure location or at a residence or wants you to work on the promise of payment.  Basically, steer clear of anything that just doesn’t feel right.

Once you find an agency that you feel comfortable with you will be asked to undergo a background check and may be asked to submit to a drug screening test which is pretty standard.  You should examine the contract very closely and read the fine print before you sign it also.  A reputable agency should be required to pay for your mileage and travel expenses such as lodging at a minimum.  Some agencies will pay for meals or give you a meal allowance up to a certain monetary sum.  If you exceed that amount then you are responsible for the rest of the tab.  Sometimes you will be required to produce receipts as well.

The purpose of these agencies is to help other facilities who may be experiencing a staff shortage for whatever reason or the agency may assist a new facility who hasn’t yet established a full time staff.  Staffing assignments can last anywhere from several weeks up to a year.  Assignments may be closer to home or may be in some luxurious tropical location. It is up to you to discuss with your agency in advance to let them know what you are willing to contribute and what your preferences are regarding travel and the type of facility that you prefer to work in.  Once you complete your first travel assignment you will probably be asked to do another.  You will go where you are needed and perform your duties as a C.N.A. in whatever facility or place that you are directed to per the agency.

In a travel position you will not only get to see the world but will enhance your experience as a C.N.A.  You will strengthen your skills by rotating through various specialty areas and different types of facilities and you will definitely avoid the boring hum drum that working everyday at the same location can bring.  If you are up for a change of scenery and like the idea of seeing the world then a travel position may be just what the Dr. ordered.

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