CNA Classes by State

CNA classes are necessary if you are planning to work as a certified nursing assistant.  You will assist nurses in providing some basic care for patients if you working as a CNA.  A CNA must complete proper training before receiving certification and starting a career as a nursing aide who has become certified.

If you are not completing CNA classes through an employer, there are several places to look to locate classes.  Contact nursing care facilities and long-term care communities in your local area.  Many of these places offer on-site training programs on a regular basis.

Contact the admissions department of local community colleges and other colleges offering training in addition to accredited degrees.  Call nursing schools in your area to find any that offer cna classes.  Some chapters of the American Red Cross offer nursing assistant training as well.  Online nursing assistant classes can even be found (clinical work must be completed offline).

CNA Training Classes by State:

If you find a nursing assistant training course, make certain it will make you eligible to sit for the state certification exam for nursing assistants.  Some training courses simply provide people with the knowledge they need to work as nursing aides.  You need a course that is approved by the state and one that makes graduates eligible to sit for the certification exam.

CNA classes are generally very affordable with some courses costing less than $500.  Most courses do not exceed $1000.  Nursing assistant courses often lass for about 3-6 weeks. though some are longer.  You can search for classes with flexible schedules such as those offering evening and weekend courses.  Online courses are often available as well that allow you to complete the theoretical portion of your training online.

You will learn a lot about working as a certified nursing assistant in cna classes.  The course will teach you the theoretical and fundamental aspects of working as a nursing assistant.  The class will be designed in such a way to help you learn the best ways to maintain privacy and dignity for your patients. The course will help you to practice communication methods that will be used when interacting with patients and other healthcare workers.

A cna class will allow you to perform role playing so that you can begin practicing your nursing assistant skills before working directly with patients.  After you have completed the classroom portion of your training, you will need to complete the clinical portion.

Your clinical training will be your opportunity to practice nursing skills and duties.  You will learn to work directly with patients under a variety of working conditions and circumstances.  Most cna classes offer clinical training in a nursing care or long-term care facility.

Once you complete cna classes, you will be able to take the nursing assistant certification exam.  The certification process will not be complete until you pass this exam.  If you have attended all your classes and done your homework, you should be ready to take the exam especially if you review your materials and study before the test date.

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