Free CNA Training from Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

It is possible to receive free training to become a Certified Nurse’s Assistant due, in part, to the Workforce Investment Act.  You must meet the predetermined qualifications in order to be eligible to access these benefits. For those who meet the requirements for the programs offered the WIA can offer a means to help further an individual’s education.

The Workforce Investment Act was developed by the Federal government and passed under the Clinton Administration in 1998.  The WIA was established to assist the American Citizen to fulfill his or her full potential to become a valued, working member of society.  In short, the WIA was established to ensure that every individual regardless of financial status or situation should be able to have a fair chance at obtaining an education that might otherwise have been out of reach due to the monetary costs associated with pursuing an education.  The WIA was also established in order to ensure that the workforce would have an abundance of adequately trained and qualified workers for hire.  In effect, better qualified workers means a more successful business and a more successful business would eventually stimulate the economy.  People who earn money are able to spend money.

The WIA’s proposed intent is to offer assistance to the unemployed or to those who are employed but have a limited means of income in relation to their living expenses.  The WIA targets to contribute to men and women who may need a form of career or job training in order to assist with finding or holding employment.  Free C.N.A. training can be obtained to those who meet the requirements.

There is an Adult and a Youth Program available.  For the adult program you must be at least 18 years or older. The WIA can offer assistance and training opportunities to those who have lost their jobs or those who are struggling financially and are unable to find employment due to lack of training. The Youth Program allows for an individual to be aged 14 – 21 years.  This program can be beneficial to teenage mothers or those who are currently pregnant and can also be beneficial to young adults and kids who have had a criminal background or to those who come from an underprivileged environment. The WIA also caters to assist at risk young people via job fairs and training opportunities while they are still in high school with the goal of keeping them in school and assisting them to connect to the workforce in an effort to prevent future drop outs.

Basically, the WIA offers aid to anyone who does not have the financial means to obtain an education or training. One of the free training programs offered by the WIA is the C.N.A. program as it is a relatively short training program, typically 2-3 months and touts the prospect of higher pay than a job that offers minimum wage employment at start up.

If you are interested in free C.N.A. training or another type of free certification or job training via the Workforce Investment Act then a good place to start would be the Department of Labor for your state or your local Unemployment Office.  Either of these offices should be able to direct you in your query and offer some information about the programs available to you in your area.

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