Nurse Aide Registries By State

All states in the United States have a CNA Registry (sometimes it is referred to by another name).  This is a registry that lists all certified nursing assistants in the state (CNAs).

The CNA Registry is often maintained by the Health Department or the Board of nursing in the state.  Although each state can determine what agency manages the registry.  The registry will be used to verify that an individual is certified to work as a CNA in the state.

Before an individual can be listed in the CNA Registry, he or she must complete a state approved CNA training program.  They must also pass the state competency exam for nursing assistants.  If an individual takes the exam but does not pass, they will not become certified until they pass the test.  Individuals will not be listed in the registry until they have completed these steps. A CNA must meet licensing requirements set forth by their state as well as the federal government.

An employer must check the cna registry before hiring an individual to work as a certified nursing assistant.  The registry will be used to make certain that an individual has a valid certification and that it has not expired.  The registry can be used to make certain an individual has never abused or neglected a patient.

There are things that a CNA must do in order to stay active in the cna registry.  States require individuals to work for pay as a nursing assistant for a certain number of hours each year or so (depending on the state). For example, many states require that an individual work at least 8 hours every two years.  Individuals must complete continuing education credits each year.  The number of credits will vary from state to state.

A CNA who moves to a state from another state cannot simply be added to the cna registry.  Some states will require an individual to complete a CNA training program and take the competency test in their state before being listed in the registry.  Other states will require a nursing assistant to sit for the certification exam in that state.  Many states allow nursing assistants to apply for reciprocity.  This allows a CNA to request that their certification be recognized by the new state.  Upon acceptance of the application, the individual can be listed in the registry.

The cna registry is designed to make certain that no one is able to work as a certified nursing assistant without the proper credentials.  It is used to ensure that anyone who is hired at a healthcare facility or for a home health agency is fully qualified to provide care for patients.

A cna registry is necessary in each state since all states have their own requirements and regulations for certification courses and the certification exam.  The registries ensure that all nursing assistants in a state have gone through the process of becoming certified as per the regulations in their state.

A Directory of Nurse Aide Registries by state

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