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Training as a CNA can be a good choice for you if you are looking for a way to enter into the healthcare industry without the need to spend a lot of time and money.  You will be able to provide basic care services for patients in long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers and other medical settings.  You can become employed as a certified nursing assistant by completing one of your state’s cna programs.

You will need to complete a program in its entirety and then complete the nursing assistant certification exam.  This will usually entail attending all classes unless you have a valid excuse for missing class (and make up all work that you miss).  Once you pass your training program and the competency exam, you will receive your certification.  You can then start working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA).  Some states allow you to work as nursing aide while you finish your training and testing to become a certified nursing assistant.

CNA programs are designed by the state in which you live.  The State Board of Nursing or the Nursing Aide Registry Board are often responsible for establishing the curriculum criteria for training programs.  The state sets minimum requirements that must be met by a CNA program.  They will determine how many hours must be spent in instruction (including the number of hours spent in the classroom and the number of hours spent in a clinical setting).

Specific materials must be covered in a nursing assistant training program to ensure that students have the knowledge they need to provide safe and efficient care to patients.  A few dozen different nursing assistant duties and skills are typically taught during the course of the cna program.  You will learn about these skills in the classroom setting as well as the clinical setting.  Skills are taught through lectures, demonstrations and hands on experience.

CNA programs are designed to cover all information that will be found on the nursing assistant certification exam.  Students will cover basic medical procedures and information that will be asked in a series of multiple choice questions on the exam.  Students will learn many different nursing assistant skills during the clinical portion of the CNA program.  After completing all requirements for the program, students can sit for the certification test.

You can find cna programs in a variety of settings.  Long-term care and skilled nursing facilities often offer training programs especially for individuals who have been hired to work as CNAs.  Many colleges that offer certification programs will provide CNA training programs.  Some Nursing schools and even many divisions of the American Red Cross will offer nursing assistant programs.

When you enroll in a cna program, make certain that it is a state approved program otherwise you will not be eligible to take the certification test.  Your instructor for the course can help you to submit all paperwork that you need in order to request a date and time for the certification competency exam.  A good training program will have you well prepared for this test.

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