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You should be proud of yourself if you have decided that you will start a career as a certified nursing assistant.  You can accomplish your goal by enrolling in a nursing assistant training course and then passing the subsequent certification exam.  You can begin looking for good training programs that have positive reputations.  Sometimes even free training programs can be found.

Required Training Hours

There is a lot that you will need to learn in order to become a certified nursing assistant.  You will learn how to assist patients with activities of daily living and how to complete tasks for patients who are unable to do so on their own (such as bathing or dressing).  You will learn how to do your part to help patients stay safe.  Your training course will be 85 hours or longer in length.  Some of your course time will be spent in a classroom. The remaining time will be spent completing hands on experience.  This is where you begin to really develop your nursing assistant skills.

CNA Renewal

CNA certification must be renewed every two years in order for nursing assistants to retain a current and active certification.  You will notice that your CNA certification actually lists an expiration date.  You will need to complete the process of renewal in advance of that date.  Expect to receive your renewal forms in the mail about two months before your license will expire.  Complete all forms in their entirety and do not forget to submit any requested documents.

You will need to have worked as a nursing assistant or for pay providing nursing related services for a minimum of eight hours over a two year period.  If you have not met this requirement, it will be necessary for you to repeat the state approved nursing assistant certification exam.

CNA Reciprocity in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, it is possible to receive certification through reciprocity.  Reciprocity is when one state accepts nursing assistant certification from another state.  You can transfer your CNA certification to Georgia if you have an active certification in another state.  You will need to complete an application for reciprocity.  The state of Georgia will review your application and verify that you attended a state-approved training program, passed the certification exam and were employed as a CNA.  They will also conduct a criminal background check.  If your certification has already expired, you cannot apply for certification through reciprocity.

Your Questions Answered

Q. My daughter is hoping to become employed as a certified nursing assistant.  She is currently completing training.  She is working hard to get her life in order after some difficult years.  My daughter used to use illegal drugs.  I am wondering if this will prevent her from becoming a nursing assistant in Georgia.  She has been sober for 5 years.

Answer:  There are some factors affecting your daughter’s future as a certified nursing assistant.  A criminal background will be conducted.  There are a few felony convictions that would preclude a person from becoming a CNA.  Other convictions may or may not affect eligibility depending on the nature of the crime and the amount of time that has passed since your conviction.  Drug testing is also required before employment as a CNA.  The drug test must be passed to start a career as a nursing assistant. 

Q. My CNA certification is due for renewal soon.  I took time off because I had a baby and wanted to stay home until he was at least two.  As a result, I have not worked a total of 8 hours in the past two years.  I am wondering if I will be able to renew my certification.  If not, what will I need to do to begin working as a CNA again?

A.  You will not be able to automatically renew your nursing assistant certification.  This is due to the fact that you have not met the minimum hours of paid employment as a CNA in the past two years.  You will not, however, need to take a nursing assistant training program again.  Instead, the state will require you to sit for and pass the nursing assistant certification exam again.

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