CNA Certification in MA – Massachusetts

You can become a certified nursing assistant in Massachusetts through training or by transferring your certification from another state.  CNAs work in a variety of healthcare settings including nursing care facilities, hospitals and for home health agencies.  A nursing assistant can very well earn up to $15 per hour in Massachusetts.

Training Requirements

You must attend a training program that has been approved by the Office of Health and Human Services if you want to be eligible to sit for a nursing assistant certification exam.  These courses will cover a minimum of 75 hours of instruction.  You will spend time in a classroom setting and then gain experience in a clinical setting.

The training course will help to provide you with the training you need to develop all the major skills used by nursing assistants.  You will learn how to treat your patients well in addition to providing basic nursing care services.  The course will provide you with some background on general medical procedures as well.  Your CNA training class will also prepare you well to sit for the nursing assistant training examination.

Nursing Assistant Reciprocity in Massachusetts

You should contact the Office of Health and Human Services if you wish to apply to transfer a valid certification to Massachusetts from another state.  This is called an application for reciprocity.  This is a process by which the state reviews your credentials and training history from another state to determine if they can accept your certification. The state will verify your training, examination and employment history as a CNA in the other state.   If your application for reciprocity is accepted, it will not be necessary to attend a training program specific to the state of Massachusetts.  You must be registered as a certified nursing assistant in good standing in order for consideration of transferring your certification.

CNA Renewal

You must retain good records if you wish to be able to renew your nursing assistant certification every twenty-four months as required.  Do not have any felony convictions against you.  Always treat your self well and use good conduct so that you do not have any patients filing complaints against you.  Before your certification is due to expire, you will receive the forms for renewal.  You can follow the instructions provided on the forms in order to be able to receive your certification renewal.  Once your certification is renewed, you can continue working as a certified nursing assistant for another two years.


Q. I am enrolled in a nurse aide course at a community college.  I did not realize that there were specific certified nursing assistant training programs to become certified in the state.  This is not one of those programs.  Is there a way to have this training count so that I can then sit for the nursing assistant certification exam?

A.  It will not be possible for you to sit for the certification exam.  One of the requirements is that you are enrolled in/graduated a state approved program.  If you are not too far along in your training, I would determine if it is too late to withdraw without losing much of your tuition.  Otherwise, you will have some additional training under your belt but will still need to find a new program.

Q.  I am fifty years old and have decided I would like to become a certified nursing assistant.  I just am not interested in my current career any longer.  However, I am worried if there are age limitations to becoming a certified nursing assistant in Massachusetts.  Can I Become a certified nursing assistant?

A.  You will be able to become a CNA as long as you meet all requirements.  CNAs must be able to physically carry out their duties.  As long as you do not have any conditions that would make it impossible to safely carry out your tasks, you will do just fine.  You will need to attend a training program that is approved in the state and to pass a certified nursing assistant competency test before you can begin working in your new career.

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