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There is a demand for new certified nursing assistants in Rhode Island.  You can work as a certified nursing assistant after you successfully complete a training program and the required certification competency exam.  After doing so, you will start on the path to a career that will allow you to make an impact in the lives of patients and residents in various healthcare facilities.

CNA Training Hours and Requirements

Nursing assistant training courses cover 100 hours or more of training in Rhode Island.  You cannot sit for the certification exam unless you attend one of the training courses that have been approved by the Department of Health.  Your training course will offer a minimum of 20 hours of clinical training.  The other training hours will be spent in a classroom setting.
CNA training courses prepare you to work as a nursing assistant.  You will learn how to provide safe and dignified care for patients.  The course will teach you emergency procedures and how to prevent the spread of infections and illnesses.  The course will give you the knowledge you need to assist patients with activities of daily living and to perform all other nursing related duties.

Certification Through Reciprocity in Rhode Island

Obtain an application for reciprocity if you hold a valid CNA certification in a state other than Rhode Island.  You can apply to have the state consider your training history and work history to determine if you qualify to be certified in Rhode Island without needing to repeat training.  It will be necessary to have attended and completed a training program in the other state that was at least 100 hours in length.  Your certification cannot have expired or lapsed if you want to be able to apply to transfer your certification.  You can also apply to become a CNA without further training if you are a registered nurse or LPN with an active license.

CNA Certification Renewal

Keep in mind that you will need to take the time to renew your nursing assistant certification every two years.  This will be done by completing the documents for renewal that you will receive a few months before your current license expires.  Take the time to complete all sections of the form and to submit any necessary fees.  Your current employer or a past employer (if you are not working) will verify that you worked at some point during those two years as a certified nursing assistant or providing related job duties.


Q.  I am scheduled to start CNA training in one month.  I have a pretty good understanding of the types of skills I will learn. I really enjoy working with people and think I can make a difference for patients who are ill or injured.  Will I be able to administer medication as a certified nursing assistant?

A.  A certified nursing assistant is not permitted to administer medication.  If you want to be able to take on this duty, you would need to take training and pass a competency exam to become a medication aide after becoming a CNA.  The only thing you can do in reference to medications is to provide a reminder to people that they need to take their medicine.

Q.  One of my good friends work as a certified nursing assistant.  She was going through a serious family crisis and her work suffered.  As a result she had a singular finding of neglect when working with a patient.  She is no longer having problems and feels terrible about what happened.  Is there any way for her to have this finding removed from her nursing assistant registry record?

A.  It is sometimes possible to have a finding of neglected removed after one year of being listed on the registry.  This only can occur if there is no pattern of abuse or neglect and this was a single incident.  Individuals can submit a request that their negative report be removed.  This request must be sent to the Nursing Assistant Advisory Board, 3 Capitol Hill, Room 105, Providence RI, 02980.

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