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There is a need for motivated certified nursing assistants in Nebraska.  You can start on the path of entering into this career by enrolling in a nursing assistant training program.  The course alone will not result in certification.  You will also need to pass the examination that certifies nursing assistants.

Training Requirements

When you are searching for a CNA training course in Nebraska, you must find one that has been approved by the sate. These training courses will meet all criteria set forth by the state and federal government for certified nursing assistants.  Courses will be taught by registered nurses who have worked in supervisory positions.  Training classes will cover 75 hours or more.  Some of that time will be spent in a clinical experience where you will be able to work directly with patients and other members of the healthcare team.  It is necessary to complete this course in its entirety before you can sit for the exam to become a CNA.

Transferring Certification to Nebraska

There are some instances in which you might not need to complete a training program in order to become a CNA in Nebraska.  If you are certified in another state, you can apply with the Nursing Aide Registry of Nebraska to have your certification transferred.  They will evaluate your credentials from your former state to determine if they can accept your certification without you needing to complete a training course or sit for the certification exam.  The application form you complete will be referred to as the interstate endorsement form.

If you were a CNA in another state, but have a certification that has lapsed, you might not need to complete training in Nebraska.  Again, you will need to contact the Nursing Aide Registry.  You might be able to waive the training requirements and simply sit for the certification exam in Nebraska.  The same is sometimes true for individuals who received training as nursing assistant sin the Military and for foreign trained nurses.  You might be able to challenge the certification exam if you have a nursing degree as well.

Certification Renewal

You need to keep your nursing assistant certification active.  This can be accomplished by completing the renewal forms that you will receive every two years.  Submit the forms in a timely manner to make certain your certification does not expire.  Otherwise, it will be necessary to challenge the certification exam again.  Make certain that the forms are completed and all information is submitted in order to ensure that your certification is renewed.


Q.  I recently become a certified nursing assistant in Nebraska.  I have a few friends who work as CNAs in other states.  They all have continuing education requirements to maintain their active status on the nursing aide registry.  Does Nebraska have these requirements?

A.  The state of Nebraska will not require that you meet a certain number of continuing education or in-service hours.  There are no such requirements to maintain an active listing on the nursing aide registry.  Please keep in mind that you should be provided with 12 hours or more of in-service training if you work for a certified nursing care facility.  This is your employer’s responsibility but does not impact your status on the registry.

Q.  Money is a little tight right now but I am about to become a certified nursing assistant.  The company I am going to be working for has paid for training and is covering my testing fees.  Is there a fee to be listed on the nursing assistant registry if I complete my training and pass the competency exam?

A.  Nebraska will not be charging you any fees to be listed on the nursing assistant registry.  You will not be listed on the registry until you meet all requirements.  Among the requirements is the completion of your training course as well as the passing of both the written and procedural portion of the certification test.

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