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In the state of Wisconsin you can have a rewarding entry-level healthcare career working as a certified nursing assistant.  Certified nursing assistant provide patients with assistance of daily living and provide basic care services for patients in healthcare facilities.  You must receive training and become certified before you can gain employment as a CNA.

Training Hours and Requirements

You cannot sit for the Wisconsin CNA certification exam unless you attend one of the CNA training programs that have been approved by the state of Wisconsin.  These courses will include 120 hours, at a minimum, of training hours.  You will need to have 16 hours of classroom instruction before you can begin any of your 32 hours of clinical instruction.

The CNA training programs in Wisconsin are certified by the Department of Health Services.  The course will provide you with the knowledge and training you need to begin working as a certified nursing assistant in various healthcare facilities.  You will learn to perform the duties of a nursing assistant and will learn how to provide safe and dignified care for clients and patients.

CNA Reciprocity in Wisconsin

You should contact the Department of Health if you want an application for reciprocity.  If you want to transfer a CNA certification from another state, you can apply for certification through reciprocity.  The state will review your training and educational history from the previous state.  You cannot have any felony convictions or any abuse or neglect charges.  The Department of Health will make certain that you are currently listed as a CNA in good standing on the Nursing Aide Registry in that state.  Upon approval for certification through reciprocity, you can waive a training program in Wisconsin and simply challenge the certification exam.

CNA Renewal

You cannot keep working as a CNA unless you renew your certification every twenty-four months.  You will need to sit for the certification exam again if you allow your license to lapse.  When it is nearing the time to renew your certification, you will receive certified nursing assistant renewal forms.  These forms must be carefully completed and sent back to the address provided before your certification expires.  You will verify that you have been working as a certified nursing assistant.  You need to have worked for pay providing nursing related duties in order to easily renew your certification.  You might need to repeat training and the certification exam if you have not worked during this time.


Q.  I just took my certified nursing assistant competency exam this weekend. I was told that I did not pass the exam.  I do not agree with the test results and have several concerns about the test process.  Can I file some type of grievance?

A.  Yes, there is process for which you can file a grievance about your test.  You can only file this for up to 30 days after you took the nursing assistant certification test.  The form must be submitted to the American Red Cross and will actually be sent to a Red Cross office in Pennsylvania.  The form you need is located here:

Q.  I am a Wisconsin CNA.  I am going to be married soon and as such I will be changing my name.  I know that I must update my name change for the nursing assistant registry. What do I do to make certain my name change is filed?

A.  You will need to obtain the change/update form.  This form allows individuals to change your name, address and/or to make corrections to your social security number.  The form will provide you with all directions needed to make sure your request to update your information is handled properly.  Access the form here

CNA Certification Guidelines by State:

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