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Certified nursing assistants in Vermont provide basic nursing care for patients under the direction of nurses.  You could earn up to $32,000 annually working as a CNA in Vermont.  Before you can become a certified nursing assistant in Vermont, you must complete training and receive a passing score on the exam for certification.

Training Hours and Requirements

If you are intending to become a CNA in Vermont, you will need to complete training in the length of 75 hours or more.  In fact, many of the training programs for certified nursing assistants in Vermont are at least 100 hours.  The guideline for curriculum is devised by the Board of Nursing.  You must attend one of the courses that meets all the standards of the nursing Board or you will not be eligible to sit for certification.

Vermont CNA courses will teach you about the set of skills you will need to master to become a certified nursing assistant.  You will also learn things such as how to communicate well in your career, how to handle emergencies and how to ensure patient privacy.  The course will also prepare you to be able to successfully sit for the competency exam.  If you pay close attention during both your classroom and clinical training, you should be well prepared to take a nursing assistant certification exam.

Nursing Assistant Renewal in Vermont

The state of Vermont will require that you renew your nursing assistant certification every twenty-four months. It is necessary to work as a certified nursing assistant 400 hours or more in order to renew your certification in Vermont. Obviously, you must still be listed in good standing on the Registry for nursing assistants.  The forms to renew your certification will be sent to you in plenty of time for you to be able to complete the forms and mail them back for your certification is expired.  If you allow your license to expire by not renewing it in time or not working enough, you will have to sit for the certification exam again.

Nursing Assistant Reciprocity

Contact the Board of Nursing in Vermont if you want to apply to have an active nursing assistant certification transferred from another state.  You can ask the board of nursing to consider granting you certification in Vermont based on your education and history in the prior state.  Obviously, you will need to have a background check and will need to verify employment as a CNA from the former state.  The state of Vermont will ensure that you completed all training and requirements to be a CNA in that state.


Q.  I have been given a temporary LNA license in the state of Vermont.  This is to allow me to work as an LNA even though I am not yet on the nursing aide registry.  If for some reason, I am not listed on the registry by the end of this time period, can I apply for a new temporary license?

A.  You cannot work as an LNA until you are listed on the registry in Vermont unless you have a temporary license.  You can request this on the endorsement forms.  In any case, you will need to make certain that all paperwork is received in less than six months.  If more than six months passes, it will be necessary to start the entire endorsement process over.

Q.  My mom thinks I would make a good certified nursing assistant.  I was not planning to go on for any type of education after graduating high school.  I am not the most studious person in the world.  Can you tell me if there is a lot of schoolwork needed to become a CNA?

A.  CNA courses do not generally last that long.  You can complete a course in a matter of just a few weeks.  Some programs will cover more material and as such be longer.  But overall, you will be on your way to a new career in a short time.  You will have some classroom and lab work that must be done during your training.  Clinical practice and experience is also required before you finish your CNA training.

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