CNA Certification in IA – Iowa

Certified nursing assistants in Iowa assist patients with activities of daily living and provide other basic care services.  If you have no previous training or experience, you will need to complete a nursing assistant training course and then to pass the exam for certification.  The courses and exams must meet all standards set forth by the federal and state regulations.

CNA Training

It will be necessary for you to find a nursing assistant training program that has been approved by the state.  These programs will offer a minimum of 75 hours of study.  The course must include clinical training hours in addition to classroom studies.  Your course will teach you how to perform the duties and skills of a nursing assistant.  You will also learn how to protect a patient’s safety and their privacy.  Training is designed to help you learn how to work effectively as a certified nursing assistant.  The hands on training will provide you with the chance to work directly with individuals in healthcare settings.  The course will also prepare you to be able to sit for the certification exam.

Transferring Certification to Iowa

Contact the Department of Inspection and Appeals in Iowa if you wish to apply to have a nursing assistant certification from another state transferred to Iowa.  Your certification must be current and listed in good standing in that state.  The state of Iowa will make certain you attended a state approved training program and passed the state approved exam for certification.  Iowa will also make certain you do not have any felony convictions.  If your application to transfer the certification is approved, you will not need to worry about attending a nursing assistant training program in Iowa.  This will make it a little easier for you to begin your career as a certified nursing assistant in Iowa.

Renewing Your Certification

Renew your certification every two years in order to be able to continue working as a certified nursing assistant in Iowa.  You will need to have worked for pay in your professional at some point during that tow years.  Otherwise, your certification will lapse.  You will need to submit your certification renewal forms every two years in order to be able to retain an active certification.  Forms should be sent out to you a few weeks before you need to renew your certification.  You will need to contact the Nursing Aide Registry if you have allowed your license to expire.


Q. I know that the amount of hours that are required to obtain a nursing assistant certification can vary from state to state.  I am currently living in Iowa and am giving thought to becoming a nursing assistant.  I noticed that some training programs require more hours than others?  Why?  What are the minimum required CNA training hours in Iowa?

A. It is necessary for a state approved CNA training program to include at least 75 hours of instruction.  This will include both clinical and classroom training portions.  Some courses will include more hours.  There are some training providers offering even more extensive training.  The course length can different as long as the minimum hours required by the federal and state regulations are met.

Q. I am hoping to become a certified nursing assistant but am not sure if I can afford the training and test.  I am trying to find out how much it will cost me to become a certified nursing assistant.  What are the average fees to become a CNA in the state of Iowa?

A. The cost of your training course will depend on the training program you complete.  Some programs will be more expensive than others.  Training classes usually cost at least $150.  There are times when you can be hired to work as a CNA by a nursing home.  They will typically cover the cost of your training.  The cost for testing can depend on the location you use for your CNA competency exam.  Tests can run $15-$45 on average.

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