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CNAs provide basic nursing care services for patients in healthcare facilities and home health settings.  Certified nursing assistants assist patients with activities of daily living.  They also help to monitor vital signs and to add information to patient’s charts.  The care services provided by nursing assistants are generally not-medical for the most part.  You can start on the path of a nursing assistant career by receiving the proper training.

Training Requirements and Hours

It is necessary to enroll in a training program that has been approved by the Board of Nursing in Kentucky.  These training classes will last for 75 hours or more.  Of that time you will need to put at least 59 hours into classroom training and 16 hours into clinical training.  You can find   Programs at community colleges, nursing care facilities, adult education centers, some high schools and other locations.  You will be able to sit for the exam for certification once you complete all requirements for the training course.

The CNA training course will provide you with the experience you need to safely perform the tasks required of certified nursing assistants.  You will learn about patient privacy, how to protect a patient’s dignity and how to respond in cases of emergencies whether they are medical emergencies or natural disasters.

Nursing Assistant Certification Reciprocity

You might not need to complete a certified nursing assistant training course in Kentucky if you have a certification in another state.  If you already hold a valid nursing assistant certification, you have the right to apply for certification through reciprocity.  The applications for this certification can be obtained by contacting the Nursing Aide Registry.  They can offer you the information and instructions that you need to have your certification considered for reciprocity.  The state of Kentucky will review your records and documents from your previous state to determine whether or not they can offer you certification.

Certification Renewal in Kentucky

You will notice that your nursing assistant certification is only good for two years at a time.  You will need to complete renewal paperwork every twenty-four months in order to maintain an active certification.  The forms are easy to complete and can be submitted to the address provided on the instructions before your certification is due to expire.  You will need to contact the Board of Nursing to determine what steps you need to take if you have allowed your certification to expire.


Q. I currently live in Memphis Tennessee where I also work as a nursing assistant.  My family and I are relocating to Kentucky in a couple months.  I am hoping to continue work as a certified nursing assistant when I move there.  What do I need to do to determine if I can work as a CNA in Kentucky?  I would like to look into this before I move.

A. You can apply for reciprocity so that you can work as a CNA in Kentucky.  This will only work if your certification is still active.  Otherwise, you will need to go through the certification process in its entirety when you move to Kentucky-training and competency test.  You will need to send a letter to the nursing aide registry with your Full Name, Legal Address, Social Security Number and the date of your birth.  You will list where you hold certification and your certification number.  Along with this number you must send a copy of your certification card, legal photo Identification and your Social security card.  All of these papers must be sent to:  Kentucky Nursing Assistant Registry-312 Whittington Parkway-Louisville Kentucky 40222.

Q.  I am looking for information on certified nursing assistants in Kentucky.  I am giving some thought to changing careers and would like to become a CNA.  I do not see any reference to nursing assistants or CNAs on the Board of Nursing Website.  Am I missing something?  I would like to learn more about this career.

A. Kentucky often refers to their nursing assistants as nursing aides.  Those certified professionals are the same as a certified nursing assistant in other states.  Kentucky typically uses the term SRNA on their registry websites and board of nursing websites.  SRNA stands for state registered nursing aide.  Try looking for information on an SRNA to learn more.

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