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If you want to become a CNA in Maryland, you should know that Maryland takes the training of qualified CNAs very seriously.  The training you will receive will be quite extensive and will cover 100 hours or more of training.  You must complete all of the training requirements before you can become certified.

Training Hours and Requirements

Nursing assistant courses will provide you with the training you need to learn the skills you will use in order to provide excellent care as a nursing assistant to your patients.  You will need to be enrolled in a training program that has been approved by the state.  A training course will be led by the instruction of a registered nurse.  The course will adhere to curriculum requirements set forth by the state.

Nursing assistant training programs include classroom, lab and clinical instruction.  You will learn how to perform your duties as a nursing assistant in a way that is safe and effective.  You will learn to communicate well with your patients and to protect their privacy and dignity.  After completing your entire training course, you will sit for the CNA certification exam.   Nursing assistant training classes are administered in Maryland by the Geriatric Nursing Assistant Testing Service of Maryland.

Application for Endorsement

In some cases you can transfer a nursing assistant certification from another state to the state of Maryland.  Transferring certification makes it possible for you to waive training within the state of Maryland.  You can receive an application for endorsement from the Board of Nursing in Maryland.  This will be the form you use to request that your active certification from another state be accepted in Maryland.  There are only certain states from which Maryland will transfer certifications.  The states from which certification is most commonly accepted include:  Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Idaho, Kansas, Oregon, West Virginia and Virginia.  You must be listed as good standing on the Nursing Aide Registry in order to have your certification transferred.

Certification Renewal

Every two years, it will be necessary to renew your nursing assistant certification.  Otherwise you will not be able to continuing practicing as a certified nursing assistant in Maryland.  The forms for renewal should be sent to you automatically with plenty of time for you to complete them.  The forms must be completed in their entirety and mailed to the address provided.  You must have worked for pay in a job providing nursing related duties or as a nursing assistant in order to be able to renew your certification.

Questions and Answers:

Q.  I am about to begin on the path to become a certified nursing assistant.  My husband and I are just newly married.  He is the only one working right now.  I am going to receive financial assistance to pay for my training.  But I heard that there are fees associated with your certification itself.  I am trying to make plans financially.  How much is the fee for certification (not counting training and testing)?

A.  You must pay a fee of $20 when you become a certified nursing assistant for the first time.  All CNAs in Maryland must renew their certification once every two years.  There is also a fee for this renewal.  It is something to keep in mind since you have plenty of time to prepare for the next date a fee is due.  The fee for renewal is currently set at $40.

Q.  I am about to begin CNA training.  I have heard that Maryland has various types of CNA type specialties such as medication aides and dialysis technicians.  Can I just go straight into training for one of these specialties rather than obtaining my nursing assistant certification?

A.  The specialty aide options are in addition to a nursing assistant certification.  A CNA certification is at the first level.  You cannot obtain your certification in one of the other related areas without being a CNA.  The requirements for training and testing depend on the specialty area you will enter.  Sometimes it is possible to work to earn your CNA certification and other specialty certification at the same time.

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