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You can become a certified nursing assistant with the proper training in Hawaii.  You might decide to work as a nursing assistant for a few years before advancing your career in the medical field.  It is necessary to complete a training course and pass the exam for certification in Hawaii.  You can receive training in just a matter of weeks and often for just a few hundred dollars.

Training Hours and Requirements

You will need to enroll in a training course that has been approved by the state of Hawaii.  These courses will include 70 hours of clinical training.  There will also be 30 hours of classroom training.  The courses must be at least 100 total hours in length, though some programs will cover even more time.  The course will prepare you to perform all the functions and duties of a certified nursing assistant.  You will be prepared to work in a range of healthcare settings.  Training programs are commonly offered at nursing care facilities and even at community colleges.  You will need to complete a course in its entirety before you are able to schedule the exam for certification.

Transferring CNA Certification from Another State

You can apply to transfer your certification to Hawaii if you are moving to Hawaii from another state form which you hold a nursing assistant certification.  You will need to contact the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs in Hawaii in order to receive an application to transfer your certification.  The state will verify that you completed an accredited training program in your former state and that you did indeed pass the examination for certification.  The state of Hawaii will also make certain that you are listed as a CNA in that state.  You can become a cna without training in Hawaii if your application to transfer certification is approved.  This is one of the great things about having the opportunity to apply to transfer your certification.

CNA Renewal in Hawaii

You will be renewing your nursing assistant certification every two years in Hawaii.  This is the states opportunity to ensure that you are still listed in good standing.  They will also verify that you have had employment related to a nursing assistant or as a nursing assistant during that time.  If you have not, it will not be as easy to renew certification.  You will complete renewal forms as instructed when they arrive in order to renew your certification.

Some questions answered:

Q.  I have read that the federal government requires that certified nursing assistants have at least 75 hours of training before they can sit for a competency exam.  I cannot seem to find the number of required hours in the state of Hawaii.  I am curious because I would like to start a career as a nursing assistant. Does Hawaii require more than 75 hours of training?

A.  In Hawaii you must attend a course that has at least 100 hours of training.  There can be programs with even more hours.  Of those hours, you will have at least 70 instructional hours.  Those hours will include both classroom lessons and lab work.  The rest of the hours can be spent in a clinical setting where you can work directly with patients.

Q.  I will be taking the CNA competency exam in Hawaii soon.  I have a question or two pertaining to this test.  Do I take both parts of the test on the same testing date?  And how long will it be before I know if I have successfully passed the test?

A.  The test in Hawaii will usually take about 5 ½ hours to complete.  This will include the written and the skills exam.  Both parts on completed within the same day.  You will actually be told by the test administrator if you passed or failed on the same day that you take the test.  You should receive your copy of certification in ten business days or less if you have passed the test.

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