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You can have a career working with patients daily without needing to become a nurse or doctor.  If you want to enter into a healthcare field but are not yet ready to invest a lot of time or money for your education, consider starting out as a certified nursing assistant.  You will need to attend a training program and pass the certification exam that follows in order to receive your certification.

CNA Training and Requirements

You can work towards your goal of becoming a certified nursing assistant in New Mexico by enrolling in one of the state approved training programs.  These programs meet all requirements for certification that are set forth by the state of New Mexico.  Training courses usually last for several weeks though some last longer if they are more extensive.  CNA training courses cover at least 75 hours of training.  Sixteen hours or more of clinical training are required.

The CNA courses provide students with the knowledge as well as skills that they need to work as a certified nursing assistant.  Prospective nursing assistants will also receive the hands on training they need to work safely and effectively with patients on a daily basis.

The Prometric Company manages all nursing assistant certification examinations in the state of New Mexico.  The exam will include both a written and a skills segment.  Students must demonstrate their ability to complete several nursing assistant tasks.  They must also demonstrate the knowledge obtained during the classroom instruction.  A student will receive their certification upon successful completion of the course.

CNA Certification Reciprocity in New Mexico

Individuals who hold an active nursing assistant certification in another state can apply for reciprocity to become certified in New Mexico.  Applicants must request an application from the Nursing Aid Registry in New Mexico.  Individuals must be able to provide a copy of a current nursing assistant certification.  The registry will review all paperwork to determine if an individual completed training similar to that in New Mexico.  You must be listed as a nursing assistant in good standing in your prior state.

Certification Renewal

A certified nursing assistant needs to renew their certification every two years.  This can be done by completing the forms for renewal.  A nursing assistant must have provided duties of a nursing assistant or related duties during the past two years in order to be able to renew certification.  Nursing assistants are sent their renewal forms in plenty of time to renew before their current certification expires.


Q.  My wife and I are moving to New Mexico as soon as our house sells in our home state.  She is working as a certified nursing assistant and was told she might be able to transfer her certification to New Mexico.  How would she go about trying to do this?

A.  Your wife will need to send a letter questing that her certification be transferred to New Mexico.  She must also provide a copy of her certification number, her photo ID and her socials security card.  Make certain her letter lists her current address and phone number.  As long as she is listed in good standing on the registry in your former state, she can work for 30 days until New Mexico receives a written verification of her good standing and active status from the other nursing aide registry.  The address for the New Mexico nursing Aide Registry is:  2040 South Pacheco Street, 2nd Floor Room 413, Santa Fe New Mexico 87505.

Q.  Will a background check be conducted for me to be able to become a certified nursing assistant?  I do not have a clear record but all of my concerns are from years ago.  I do not want this to prevent me from becoming a CNA.

A.  It is hard to say how your criminal record will affect you without knowing the specifics.  There are some violet crimes and some serious but non-violent that would exclude you from ever being employed as a CNA as a result of these convictions.  There are other crimes that will not preclude you from becoming a certified nursing assistant.  Robbery, Murder, Kidnapping and crimes of that nature make it impossible for an individual to become a CNA.

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