CNA Certification in UT – Utah

You cannot work as a certified nursing assistant in Utah unless you are listed on the Nursing Aide Registry.  You must attend and complete a nursing assistant training course as well as sit for the certification exam if you have no prior experience.  The training programs can be found throughout the state of Utah.

CNA Training Hours and Requirements

When searching for a nursing assistant training course, it is important to remember that you must attend one that has been approved by the state if you want to become a CNA.  The courses that are approved by the state will be 75 hours or more in length.  Classes will offer both a clinical and classroom training program.  You will learn some basic medical procedures and some basic nursing related fundamentals during your training.  The course will prepare you to complete a variety of skills that you will need to use each day as a CNA.  A nursing assistant training course will help you to learn to protect a patient’s privacy and dignity and to communicate with them well.  You will need to successfully complete the training class and then to pass the competency exam for certification.

Transferring Certification

You should apply to have your certification evaluated to be transferred to Utah if you are currently a CNA in another state (and wish to work in Utah).  Obtain the nursing assistant certification transfer forms for the Nursing Assistant Registry.  You will need to complete the application and verify that you attend and completed a state approved training course and passed the necessary certification exam in your former state.  The state of Utah will conduct an employment check and background check before transferring your certification to Utah.  In some cases, you can also waive nursing assistant training in Utah if you worked as a nursing assistant in the Armed Forces.

Nursing Assistant Certification Renewal in Utah

You must keep your nursing assistant valid in order to continue working as a CNA in Utah.  You will do so by working for at least 8 hours as a nursing assistant or in a career performing related duties during a two year period.  You will also complete any necessary continuing education credits each year.  It will be necessary to contact the Nursing Aide Registry in Utah if you have not worked during the past two years.  There are renewal forms that you will needs to complete every 24 months in order to stay as an active nursing assistant.


Q.  I want to become a certified nursing assistant.  Right now, my husband is out of work due to an illness.  We are not making much income.  I need to be able to continue working while I pursue my certified nursing assistant training. Is it possible to have a flexible training schedule to become a CNA?

A.  There are courses designed to help individuals with all different schedules.  Some nursing assistant programs provided evening and/or weekend classwork.  Please do keep in mind that there are times when a program must require you to come for daytime clinical hours.  You can check the scheduling of programs of interest to you.

Q.  I am currently unemployed but would like to become a CNA.  It is my dream to someday move on to become a nurse.  Even though CNA programs are not overly expensive, there is just no way that I can pay for a program.  Are there any options to help me?

A.  I would suggest doing two things to help you realize your goal of becoming a CNA.  Talk to your local unemployment/job placement office.  You could find out if you would be eligible to receive any funding to train for a new career.  If you do, the next step is to find out if CNA training is among the types of trainng that you can receive.  The other thing I would do is to contact local nursing care facilities to express your desire to become a CNA.  Some employers will hire you before you have your certification and then will pay for your training as well as testing.

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