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If you have decided to start a career as a certified nursing assistant in Indiana, you will need to complete training.  You can do this by enrolling in a state approved training course.  Courses will typically last for a few weeks.  Sometimes you will be able to find a free training option available to you.  Take the time to compare training programs in order to find one that you feel is best suited for you.

Training Hours and Requirements

It is not difficult to find nursing assistant training programs in Indiana since there are 100 or more courses available.  These courses will offer at least 105 hours of training.  Much of that training will be spent in the clinical setting (at least 75 hours).  Training courses are designed to provide you with the information and skills that you need to work well as a certified nursing assistant. You will cover a lot of material during your weeks of study.  You will learn how to complete the tasks of a certified nursing assistant and how to work as an important part of the healthcare team.  The course will also help to prepare you to successfully sit for the nursing assistant certification exam.

How to Transfer Certification

Contact the Department of Health in Indiana if you are already certified as a nursing assistant in another state.  If you are listed in good standing with an active certification in that state, you can apply to have your certification transferred to Indiana.  The Department will make certain that you completed all necessary training in your former state.  They will verify that you passed the certification exam and have worked successfully as a certified nursing assistant.  In addition, the state of Indiana will require you to have a background check before you can begin working as a certified nursing assistant.

You can also apply to have training requirements to become a CNA in Indiana waived if you were trained as a nurse in another state or if you served as a nursing assistant in the armed forces.  It is certainly worth seeing if you can become a certified nursing assistant without the cost of a training course.

Certification Renewal in Indiana

Remember that you will need to renew your certification as a nursing assistant every twenty-four months.  The renewal forms are pretty straightforward and should not be difficult to complete.  Your employer will fill out a section of these forms to verify that you have been employed as a certified nursing assistant at some point over the last two years.  The other sections of the renewal forms will be completed by you.


Q.  I have been working in Indiana is a CNA for a while.  I love my work and would like to be able to take on some more responsibilities.  I know that our state has Qualified Medication Aides who are able to dispense medications for patients.  How do I go about becoming a QMA to expand my career?

A.  You have already met one of the requirements to become a QMA, by being a CNA.  You can move on to the next steps as long as you have worked for at least 1000 hours for pay as a certified nursing assistant and have a certification that is current, active and in good standing.  You will then need to locate a QMA training program that has been approved by the state.  After meeting all requirements of this training, you will need to sit for and pass the QMA exam for competency.

Q.  I recently sent in my CNA certification renewal.  For some reason, I did not receive a written confirmation of my renewal in the mail.  I also did not receive a new wallet card.  What should I do to make certain that my renewal was received and processed?

A.  The state of Indiana is no longer sending out written confirmations or wallet cards.  They are trying to do everything electronically.  You can request a written copy if it is required by an employer or for some other reason.  You will not need to pay for this copy.  Otherwise you can visit the website provided here to check your certification status and print out information if needed.  The website is:

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