CNA Salary and Payscale

If you are considering a career as a certified nursing assistant, you are surely curious about the salary you could earn.  A job as a nursing assistant is an entry level healthcare job.  You will earn more than minimum wage but will not earn excessive amounts of money.  Many individuals use a job as a CNA as a stepping stone for a career in healthcare.

CNA salary depends on many different factors.  The area where you live will affect your pay rate.  If you live in a larger town or city, you are likely to earn a higher income.  The same is true if you live in an area with a higher cost of living.

Certified nursing assistants often earn a higher income if they work for a home health agency.  Nursing assistants who travel to serve more than one client generally earn a higher salary than those who serve only one client or who work for a single healthcare facility.

Your cna salary is likely to increase as you gain more experience in the industry.  You will see your income rise over the years.  If you live in a state that offers advanced training for certified nursing assistants, you will also have the potential to earn a higher salary.

Most nursing assistants earn between $20,000 and $30,000 per year.  There is the potential for some certified nursing assistants to earn $35,000 per year or so.  This is especially true of nursing assistants with many years experience or with special skills and training.

Nursing assistants are often paid an hourly wage rather than an annual salary.  Most nursing assistants start out earning at least $10 an hour.  Nursing aides who are not certified will often make less (not much more than minimum wage).

You can increase your cna salary in a couple ways.  If you live in a state offering advanced training programs or specializations for nursing assistants, consider advance your career as a nursing assistant.  You might find that you have an even more rewarding career while also being able to earn a higher salary.

Search for employment opportunities with various types of healthcare providers.  Take the time to receive more than one job offer.  You will find that salaries can vary from employer to employer.  Some employers even offer sign-on bonuses and other perks for certified nursing assistants.

Of course, you can always earn more income by working overtime.  If you have the time and ability to do so, you can work additional hours to increase the income you earn in any given year.  Some employers offer a slightly higher hourly rate for individuals who work second or their shift as well.

You will not get rich working as a certified nursing assistant.  However, you can still work your way up to a reasonable income.  If you find that you want even more opportunities in your career, you might want to consider further training.  For example, many nursing assistants go on to train to be nurses.

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