CNA Certification in MS – Mississippi

A certified nursing assistant works under the direction of a nurse to provide basic care services for patients in healthcare settings.  In order to become a certified nursing assistant in Mississippi, you will need to attend a training program that has been accredited by the state and as such meets all requirements for curriculum.

Training Requirements

The Federal government states that nursing assistant training programs that will allow individuals to sit for certification must be a minimum of 75 hours in length.  You will find that many of the courses in Mississippi are 100 hours ore more.  The courses will be broken into classroom and clinical instruction.

Any training programs that you attend that will allow you to become certified will be approved by the Department of Health in Mississippi.  They will include a curriculum that will prepare you well to perform all the tasks and duties associated with a career as a nursing assistant.  Once you complete the entire course, you can sit for the exam for certification.  The exam is created and administered by the Pearson VUE Company.

CNA Reciprocity

You might not need to complete a nursing assistant training program in Mississippi if you are/were a certified nurse in another state.  Your certification will still need to be active and in good standing in the former state.  You can obtain an application for reciprocity from the Department of Health.  This forms must be completed in it entirety and will make it possible for you to be considered to have your certification transferred to Mississippi.

The questions on the application and any documents that are requested will be used to determine if you are qualified to work as a CNA in Mississippi.  The state will verify that you completed a fully accredited training program and that you passed the competency exam that is used to certify nursing assistants.  You must have a criminal background that is free of felony charges and you must not have any substantiated complaints against you from former clients or patients.

CNA Renewal in Mississippi

Be careful not to allow your certification to expire in Mississippi.  If your certification expires, you will need to attend training and pass the certification exam again.  You will be asked to renew your certification every two years.  During that time it is necessary to show that you have worked as a nursing assistant or providing nursing related duties in a healthcare setting.  Complete your renewal forms exactly as instructed.  You should receive these forms a few months before it is time to renew your certification.


Q. One of my children has been having some medical problems.  This has been making my schedule a little unpredictable.  My nursing assistant competency exam will be scheduled soon.  I am worried what will happen if the exam is schedule and then a few days before the exam, my child has another hospital appointment or test scheduled.  What would I do if I realized that I could not keep my scheduled test day?

A. Advanced notice must be given if you cannot maintain your scheduled test time.  You need to call the NACES to let them know that your exam date must be changed.  Call 1-866-956-2237.  They can work with you to reschedule your test.  If this is the case you will not lose your exam fee that has been paid.  There is a stipulation, however.  You must call within 5 business days before your test is scheduled.  The call must be made by noon on the day that is 5 or more business days from your schedule exam time.  If you do not do this, you will not be permitted to reschedule your test.

Q.  I completed CNA training in Michigan recently.  My husband has taken a new job in Mississippi and we will be moving soon.  I have not yet had a chance to sit for the CNA certification test in Michigan.  Can I simply come to Mississippi and sit for their nursing assistant certification test?

A.  You will not be able to take the certified nursing assistant test in Mississippi.  This is just not something that they allow.  You should try to take the exam in Michigan before you move if at all possible.  Doing so, would then allow you to apply for reciprocity in Mississippi so that you can be listed on their nursing assistant registry.

Certification Guidelines for CNA’s by State:

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