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You can start a career as a certified nursing assistant by attending a state approved training course or by applying to transfer a certification from another state.  There are many nursing assistant training courses in Michigan.  You will need to complete the training program and also to sit and pass the certification exam.

Training Requirements and Hours

If you want to become certified in Michigan, you must find a training course that meets all curriculum requirements set forth by the state.  These courses will last for at least 75 hours.  During that time, you will have some instruction in the classroom and the rest in a clinical setting.  In fact, you must spend at least 16 hours in clinical training while will be supervised by a professional nurse.

Nursing assistant training courses in Michigan help you to develop the skills that you will use each day as a certified nursing assistant.  You will learn how to provide excellent care for your patients and how to work in a various healthcare settings.  Once you complete the training program, you can sit for the required examination for certification.

CNA Certification Renewal in Michigan

Do not forget that you will need to renew your nursing assistant certification every two years.  During that time you will need to have worked for pay in your field for a minimum of eight hours.  The eight hours of work must occur during a 24-hour timeframe.  A couple months before it is time to renew your certification, you should receive the necessary paperwork from the Nursing Aide Registry in Michigan.  The forms must be completed carefully and resubmitted before it is time for your certification to lapse. If you do not renew your certification in time, you will need to contact the Nursing Aide Registry to determine how you can renew your certification.

Transferring a CNA Certification From Another State

You should contact the Nursing Aide Registry in Michigan if you want to apply to transfer a nursing assistant certification from another state.  You can request an exemption form.  You will use this form to request that the state of Michigan waive training requirements for you since you already hold an active and valid certification.  You also will not need to sit for the certification exam in Michigan if your application is approved.  It is certainly worth trying to have your certification transferred from another state.


Q. I have been looking online and have seen some on-line nursing aide training programs.  This would work well for me with my schedule.  I see that some require you to schedule clinical training at a healthcare facility.  Could I attend this type of training to become a certified nursing assistant in Michigan?

A.  An online training program will not be accepted in the state of Michigan.  Michigan requires offline training for all aspects of becoming certified nursing assistant.  You must attend one of the programs that has been approved by the Board of Nursing in Michigan.  You can call the following number if you have inquiries pertaining to CNA Programs:  517-241-0554.

Q. My husband has been out of work for quite a while.  He is thinking of applying for jobs out of the state.  I am a certified nursing assistant here in Michigan and would like to stay in that job field.  I am wondering if it is every possible to transfer your certification to another state?

A.  It will depend on the state to where you move.  Many states allow you to apply to be listed on their CNA registry if you are on good standing in the other state and still have an active certification.  There are other states that will require you to sit for their nursing assistant certification competency exam but who will not require you to complete any other training.  I recommend contacting the nursing aide registry in the state where you end up relocating.

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