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Certified nursing assistants work with who are sick, injured or elderly with activities of daily living.  CNAs perform a variety of non medical nursing related services.  Start in the direction of becoming a CNA by enrolling in a CNA training class.  You can find classes in nursing care facilities, many colleges and technical schools and even some nursing schools.

Training Hours and Requirements

The nursing assistant training programs that make you eligible to come certified as a nursing assistant are certified by the Department of Health and Environment.  You must complete a training program that meets or exceeds all curriculum requirements set forth by the Department of Health and Environment.  CNA training programs consist of 90 hours or more of training in both the classroom and in a clinical environment.

Obviously, you must complete the training course in its entirety.  Otherwise, you will not be eligible to sit for the certification exam.  The course will provide you with training in the vital skills areas for certified nursing assistants.  You will learn the information that you need to work well as a certified nursing assistant.

Certification Through Reciprocity

Kansas does offer CNA reciprocity with some of the other states.  The state of Kansas will often accept the certification from another state.  This makes it possible for you to begin on the path to having a career as a CNA in Kansas.  You will not need to repeat the certification training program in Kansas if you are approved for reciprocity.  Contact the Department of Health and Environment for an application to apply for reciprocity.  There will be an application process that you must complete so that the Department of Health can determine if they will transfer your certification into the state of Kansas.

Certification Renewal in Kansas

Keep in mind that you will need to renew your nursing assistant certification every two years.  You will do this by filling out the renewal forms that you receive before your certification expiration date.  They should be sent to you a few weeks in advance.  In fact, the due date will be 30 days before your license expires to ensure timely processing.  Complete the forms as soon as you can to ensure they are submitted in plenty of time.  You will need to have worked for pay as a certified nursing assistant or in a related field at some point over that time period.


Q. I have decided that I would like to become a CNA.  I know the first step is to complete a nursing assistant certification class.  I really am not sure where to find one of these courses.  I do not know what nursing care facilities or continuing education schools might offer training.  Where can I find a list of nursing assistant programs?

A. Kansas has many different CNA training programs.  They are offered at facilities and colleges throughout the state.  There should be a program that is not located too far from where you live.  You can visit the Kansas Department of Health Website to help you find potential programs in your area.  Specifically, you can view state approved programs here:

Q. I really need a change in my life and would like to go into an entry level healthcare career to start.  I think I would like to start out as a certified nursing assistant.  I know this can be done without a great deal of education.  I can attend a training program that can be completed in just a few weeks.  I am 41 years old already and am wondering if this would affect my ability to become a CNA?

A.  There is not really a restriction to the age you can be to become a certified nursing assistant.  You are certainly still at a good age for this particular career.  It does not matter how old you are as long as you are in good physical health and feel you can safely carry out nursing assistant duties.  Of course, you must also meet all other Kansas state CNA requirements.

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