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You can train to become a certified nursing assistant if you want to provide basic care services for patients in healthcare facilities.  The process to become certified requires you to attend a training course and to pass the examination for certification.  You will also need to submit a criminal background check and any other requested documents.

Training Requirements and Hours

Prospective certified nursing assistants in Arizona are required to complete at least 120 hours of training.  The training must be received through a state approved CNA course.  You will spend some of your training participating in classroom instruction.  Many courses will include lab studies and role playing to help you prepare for your career as a CNA.  You will have clinical studies as well to gain hands on experience performing nursing assistant duties.

The nursing assistant course will also provide you with some background information about patient privacy and patient rights.  In addition, you will learn about basic medical procedures.

Applying for CNA Reciprocity in Arizona

You might not need to attend a training program or sit for the certification in Arizona if you currently hold a CNA certification in another state.  You can contact the Nursing Aide Registry for Arizona to obtain an application to have your certification accepted through reciprocity.  There will be an application you need to complete as well as some information you must submit. You will need to show proof that you attended a state approved training program in the state where you hold certification and that you passed the state’s nursing assistant certification exam.

You can begin working as a certified nursing assistant in Arizona if and when your application for reciprocity is accepted.  Of course, this will not be possible if you did not have a valid or active certification in your prior state.

CNA Certification Renewal in Arizona

Your nursing assistant certification is valid for twenty-four months.  After that time, you need to renew your license.  The Nurse Aid Registry in Arizona will send you paperwork at least 2 months before it is time for you to renew your certification.  A renewal form can also be accessed on the website for the Registry.

During every two-year time frame, you need to work for pay as a nursing assistant (or providing nursing related duties) for 160 hours.  There will be a section on your renewal forms for your employer to complete.  You will need to submit any requested documents along with your renewal paperwork.

Frequently asked Questions & Answers:

Q.  I would like to apply for certification as a nursing assistant through endorsement.  My husband and I are relocating to Arizona and I want to continue working as a CNA.  I know that I will need to submit an application and some documentation.  But what I do not know is whether or not there is a fee to apply to become a certified nursing assistant through Endorsement in Arizona.  Some states charge for this and others do not.

A.  You can receive an application for endorsement in Arizona by visiting:  This application will provide you with instructions in addition to the application packet.  As you can see when looking over the application, there is a fee to apply.  The fee is in the amount of $50.  A variety of payment methods can be used including checks, money order and credit/debit cards.

Q: I am due to renew my CNA certification very shortly.  I prefer to complete applications and such online due to my busy schedule. I also feel more confident that my paperwork gets delivered online than when I use snail mail.   Since this is the first time I will be renewing, I wonder if the state of Arizona has an online certified nursing assistant renewal?

A: Nursing Assistant renewal in Arizona is required every two years so that you can remain an active CNA.  The process is relatively simply as long as you have continued good standing on the nursing assistant registry and meet the required minimum hours of work during the past 24 months.  In any case, the state of Arizona is now offering online renewal for those individuals who do not have a lapsed or expired certification.  Visit this site;

CNA Certification Guidelines by State:

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