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Motivated and compassionate certified nursing assistants are in high demand in Arkansas.  You will be starting an entry-level healthcare position if you decide to work as a CNA.  This career can provide a starting point if you are interested in a more advanced career in the healthcare industry.  You will need to attend a CNA training program before you can take the exam for certification.

Training Hours and Requirements

Arkansas requires all nursing assistant training courses to offer a minimum of 75 hours of training.  Some of the training will be provided in the classroom and the rest will be provided in a clinical setting.  Training programs must be approved by the state and meet all requirements of the Office of Long Term Care’s approved CNA curriculum.

The nursing assistant training programs prepare students to work safely as nursing assistants.  You will learn the skills that you will use on a daily basis when working with patients.  Training is designed to help you provide the best care for your patients.  Upon completion of the course you will need to take and pass the certification test.

Transferring Your CNA Certification to Arkansas

You can apply to have your nursing assistant certification from another state transferred to Arkansas.  This can be done by applying for reciprocity which is a process by which you are asking the state of Arkansas to recognize that you are already certified.  You will not need to complete a training course in Arkansas if your application for reciprocity is accepted.

The state of Arkansas will require a background check.  They will verify that you have a certification that is valid and in good standing.  You must have attended a training program that was approved in your state if you want to be eligible to transfer your certification.  The state of Arkansas will ask for information about your employment history as a nursing assistant or in a related job position.

CNA Certification Renewal in Arkansas

You will need to renew your certification every two years when employed as a CNA.  The forms to renew your certification should be sent to you.  It is necessary to be able to prove that you worked during that time as a nursing assistant or providing nursing related duties.  If you have not worked during that time, you need to contact the Nursing Aide Registry.  They can help you to proceed with renewing your certification.

Your Questions Answered:

Q.  I have only worked for about 24 hours as a CNA in Arkansas the last two years.  I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom but did work a couple shifts to help my previous employer.  Will I be able to renew my nursing assistant certification since the time to renew has arrived?  I know sometimes it is necessary to sit for the exam again or even to complete a training course for a second time.

A.  As long as those 24 hours of work contained at least 8 consecutive hours, you should be able to renew your nursing assistant certification.  Of course, you will need to be listed in good standing on the Arkansas Nursing Assistant Registry.  You can find the two-page renewal form by visiting the following website:  There is not a fee to renew your certification in Arkansas.

Q.  I have just graduated from high school and am an Arkansas Resident.  I am interested in a career as a certified nursing assistant.  What must I do to become certified in my state?

A.  It will be necessary to find a CNA training program that is approved by the state of Arkansas.  You will need to attend this program, complete all work and any other requirements for completion. Requirements include fingerprinting and background checks.   It will then be necessary to sit for the two-part nursing assistant competency exam.  There will be a written exam where you need to answer theoretical questions.  Multiple choice is often used.  You will then need to demonstrate a couple nursing assistant skills/procedures.  You must pass each portion of the exam in order to be granted your nursing assistant certification.

CNA Certification Guidelines by State:

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