Passing Your CNA Exam

If you have started on a path to become a certified nursing assistant, you will need to enroll in a nursing assistant training program.  This program must be approved by the state in which you live.  Certification is not granted upon completion of the course.  You will then need to sit for the certification exam.  Passing your CNA exam should not be difficult if you follow a few basic steps.

Many people pass their CNA exam on the first try.  You should take your time to find a good quality nursing assistant program.  Look for training classes in your area with a good reputation.  These training courses are more likely to prepare you well to pass the nursing assistant certification test.

When you enroll in your class, you must remember that you are preparing for your CNA exam from day one.  It is important to pay close attention during your training course.  You do not want to miss any classes or any clinical instruction sessions.  If you have an urgent reason for missing a class, you will need to make up the missed session as instructed by your teacher.

Carefully read through your textbook and always complete all assignments.  Do not be afraid to ask questions that you have whether it be in class, lab studies or clinical experience.  Carefully review any tests and quizzes you take during class to make certain that you understand any questions out got wrong.

Take good notes during your classes.  If you have information you need to remember during your clinical instructions, take notes directly after your clinical hours.  Pay close attention to everything you learn during your hands on training.

Passing your CNA exam will be even easier if you talk to your training course instructor before your training program ends.  He or she can help you to have an understanding of the layout of the certification exam.  They can even help you to know what is most important to study.

The CNA exam has both a written and a skills portion.  You can prepare to do well on the skills segment by practicing many of the skills you will use as a CNA.  You can do this by getting together with other cna students to practice the skills.  In addition, you can ask friends and family members to serve as your model patients while you practice your CNA skills.

You can find sample CNA test questions online and can even purchase practice tests and study guides.  These resources can help you to further prepare for success when it comes time to sit for your nursing assistant certification exam.  Demonstration videos can also be purchased to help you study for your nursing assistant certification exam.
When you are taking your exam, do not hurry through the written portion of the test.  Take your time and check over your answers.  You will also want to take your time and try to stay relaxed when you are finishing the skills portion of the test.

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