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Anyone who wants to start a career as a CNA will need to enroll in a nursing assistant training course and then to take the state certification exam that follows.  The exam must be passed in its entirety before an individual can be granted certification.

Preparing for the CNA Exam

You can prepare for the CNA exam in several ways.  Obviously, you will need to take an accredited training program for nursing assistants.  Pay close attention during this sessions and ask questions/ ask for help as needed.  Review any quizzes and tests that you took during the course when you are studying for your test.

It is possible to find sample CNA tests and questions online.  Consider using these steps to help you study.  You can also order practice exams which will help you to have an idea of what questions will be found on the written portion of the competency exam.

During the CNA exam, you will need to demonstrate a handful of CNA skills.  You can practice these CNA skills before the test by asking a friend or family member to serve as your practice patient.  You can go through the steps of some of the most important skills to help you prepare for the test.

The Exam

A CNA exam consists of two parts:  the theoretical portion with multiple choice questions and the skills portion.  The written portion of the test is designed to make certain you have learned the theories and principles behind the nursing assistant procedures you have learned.

The skills portion of the exam is your chance to show that you know how to safely complete a variety of nursing assistant tasks.  If you are testing at a healthcare facility, you will be completing duties for patients.  If the test is not conducted in a healthcare setting, you will most likely be asked to bring a friend with you to the test to serve as your model patient.

Passing the Test

You will not pass the test if you fail one of the portions of the test.  If you make a minor mistake while demonstrating a skill, it might be possible to pass the test.  This is especially true if you catch your mistake and make a correction before completing the task.

If you do not pass the test, you will be able to try the test again at a later date.  The number of times that you can retake the test will depend on the state in which you live.  After a certain amount of times, you will be required to repeat a training course.  This is why it is important to prepare well anytime you are planning to sit for the competency exam.

If you study for your cna test until it is time to take the exam, you are likely to do well. Study your bookwork and any tests you took.  Practice some of the nursing assistant skills that you might need to demonstrate for the test. Try to remain calm even if you are feeling nervous for the test.

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  1. Darcy Deakin August 31, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    I don’t think that the salary for a CNA is high enough for all that is expected of them. They have to bath people, clean up vomitus, feces and urine. They have to look for changes in mental capacity, possible areas of decubiti, change in skin color, dilated pupils, lumps and bumps. We have to feed them, look for signs of abuse, give them oral, nail and foot care and much, much more. All of these things were previously done by LPNs and RNs. There is a great deal of responsibility attached to this position. I believe they should make at least $13 to $15 an hour to begin and more than that depending on their years of experience. This job is an important career and much more important than working at a fast food restaurant and they make $10 to 11 an hour! This needs to be reassessed.

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