CNA Skill: Making an occupied bed

Sometimes you will need to change a patient’s bed while the patient is in the bed.  You should not begin making a patient’s bed until after you wash your hands and greet the patient.  You will need to turn the patient onto his or her side.  At this point you can begin pulling the fitted sheet off.  You will roll the sheet towards the area where your patient is laying.  The side of the sheet that had  been in contact with the patient should be the area that you roll up to the inside of the linen.

Take the clean fitted sheet and unroll it so that you can begin making the bed.  You will start by placing the sheet in the area of the bed from which you have already pulled off the sheet.  Get teh sheet on in that area first.  Take the pad for the bed and place it under the patient’s hips.  You will want to continue unrolling the the fresh sheet so that you can tuck it under the dirty linen that is currently rolled up on one side of the bed.

You can now turn the patient over so that they will be laying on the other side of the bed.  You can now take the dirty sheet and pad off the bed.  Deposit all dirty linen in the container that your health facility uses for soiled linen.  Now you will want to finish unrolling the sheet and a fresh pad.  Pull on the linen until there are no wrinkles present.  Make certain the fitted sheet is fitting tightly in the corners.

You can now move the patient back onto their back.  At this point, you can cover the patient with the flat sheet as well as their blanket.  Tuck in the lower corners of the sheet and blanket.  You might need to move your patient some more to make certain he or she is in a comfortable position.

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  1. reynaldo de la cruz May 12, 2012 at 5:53 pm #

    she did everything correct except for the fact that she put the open side of the pillow case the wrong way,the open side of the pillow case always face the opposite side of the door besides that she was perfect.

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