CNA Skill: Donning and removing PPE (Gown & Gloves)

There are various types of Personal Protective Equipment that you will use when working as a nurse aide.  One of the types of equipment you will use most often is gloves.  Most gloves are comprised of nitrile rubber or vinyl.  These gloves should only be worn a single time.  They should be used any time that you could potentially come in contact with bodily fluids or any type of infectious materials.

Gowns are often commonly used by healthcare professionals as well.  These are usually made of synthetic fibres that are waterproof or even a thick layer of plastic.  Gowns are often necessary if you are going to be working with patients who are in isolation.  The gown can be placed over your uniform.

There might also be times when you need to wear face protective gear.  You can war face masks that cover the mouth and nose.  This will protect you from inhaling matter that is infectious.  Sometimes goggles are also needed to make certain that no infectious materials can enter into your eyes.  In cases where you might come in contact with large amounts of bodily fluids or infectious materials, you might need to wear a full face shield.

Putting on Protective Equipment

If you need to wear a gown, you should unfold the gown and hold the gown with the opening in the back.  You will then put your arms through the sleeves of the town.  You will want to tie the gown so that it fits securely.  Make certain it is tied well at the neck and waist.  After putting on the gown, you can place a face mask over your mouth and nose.  You will put the gloves on last.  Gloves should always be pulled up enough to cover the gown’s cuffs.

When you wear isolation gear, you will remove all gear before you exit the patient’s room to prevent the potential spread of infectious materials.  You will take off your gloves first.  This is down by grasping the first glove by the wrist and pulling it off.  Take your hand with the glove still on and use it to ball up the first glove.  Then grab the second glove by grasping the wrist and pulling it off.   At this point you can remove the gown and mask.  Place everything into the cans for infectious materials.  You will then wash your hands according to your hand washing procedures.

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