Red Cross CNA Classes

The American Red Cross has a long tradition of helping people.  They help individuals and communities prepare for emergency situations and are there to reach out when people fall victim to a crisis.  The Red Cross does much more than this.  For example, some chapters offer Red Cross CNA classes.

Red Cross CNA Classes are designed to train individuals who want a career as a nursing assistant.  The courses follow all state and federal guidelines for curriculum.  As such, the Red Cross CNA classes make students eligible to sit for the nursing assistant competency exam in the state upon completion of the course.

Nursing assistant courses through the American Red Cross can vary in length and instruction hours from state to state and Chapter to Chapter.  All students who enroll in a cna course through the Red Cross can expect a challenging and in depth course.  The courses prepare students well not only for the certification examination but also for their new career.

Not all branches of the American Red Cross are able to offer classes for certified nursing assistants.  These courses are available in about 36 chapters of the Red Cross in cities throughout the United States.  Some states have more than one nursing assistant course while others have none at all.  Larger city areas are typically the chapters that are able to provide nursing assistant training.

Red Cross CNA classes include classroom, lab and clinical instruction.  Courses are taught by skilled nurses with supervisory experience.  Instructors have some flexibility in the design of the program as long as all curriculum requirements set forth by the state and the federal government is met.

There are some basic requirements for individuals who want to enter into Red Cross nursing assistant training classes.  Potential students should have a high school degree or equivalent and should be at least 18 years old.  An individual, who wants to train as a cna through the Red Cross, should not have a criminal record.

Training is quite extensive when taking a Red Cross cna class.  Students should be in relatively good physical shape.  They should also have overall good health.  If someone has a communicable disease, they will not be able to enroll in cna training courses.

The Red Cross cna training offers an excellent quality education for nursing assistant students.  The programs are well designed and are intended to train students to be not only good but great at what they do.  It is hard to find students who are disappointed in the quality of education they receive in Red Cross CNA training.

It is often noted that students who gradate from Red Cross CNA classes often seem to do better on the nursing assistant competency exam.  It is not uncommon for Red Cross students to perform better on the testing than students from other training programs.

You should consider looking into Red Cross cna classes if you are considering a career as a CNA.  Contact a local chapter of the Red Cross to determine if any training programs are offered at Red Cross Units within your local area.

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