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Work as a CNA cannot start until you complete a cna training course and sit for (and pass) the nursing assistant competency exam.  There are many locations in your area where you can look to find cna schools.  CNA programs must be approved by the state to make you eligible for the certification exam.

Contact local colleges in your area especially community colleges and other colleges offering non-degree programs.  Certified nursing assistants are in high demand.  Nursing assistants are seen most frequently in long-term and continuing care communities working with the aging population.

Many continuing education institutions are beginning to offer training for individual who want to work as nursing assistants.  These courses will often last for only a few weeks though some colleges opt to make a nursing assistant course last for the duration of one semester.

CNA schools are sometimes offered within nursing schools.  In fact, many nursing programs are now requiring applicants to have a CNA certification.  You should check with any nursing schools or programs in your community and surrounding community to find training programs for CNAs.

The American Red Cross offers training for nursing assistant in many cities throughout the United States.  There are about 36 chapters of the Red Cross that have cna schools.  These training schools offer students with excellent training and graduates are always prepared for the certification exam.

Nursing care facilities often hold their own cna schools on a regular basis.  These facilities train individuals to work as certified nursing assistants (usually within their facility).  Students of these courses have the opportunity to work directly with patients when it comes time for hands on experience.

The tuition for nursing assistant classes depends on the class students attend.  Most classes are only a few hundred dollars and only last for a few weeks.  There are both part-time and full-time class options available to students.  It is usually easy for individuals to find classes that meet their schedule and needs.

CNA schools follow standards that are set forth by the state.  The classes must adhere to at least a minimum number of instruction hours.  Instruction hours must offer both classroom and clinical studies.  Depending on the state, more hours of one or the other format might be required.

Students must attend all classes unless they have a good reason for missing a session. A student will need to contact their instructor immediately if they ever need to miss a training session at their cna school.  Students will need to pass tests and assignments during their classes.

Upon graduation from one of the cna schools, students will need to submit their paperwork to apply to challenge the nursing assistant certification exam.  It is not until students pass this exam successfully that they are able to receive their nursing assistant certification.

CNA classes prepare students to work successfully as nursing assistants.  The classes provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to work well with patients and to play a vital role on the healthcare team for patients in a healthcare setting.

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