CNA Training Programs

CNA training programs are designed to prepare you for work as a certified nursing assistant.  If you want to become a CNA, you must complete a training program that is approved by the state.  You will then need to sit for the CNA competency exam.  It will be necessary to pass this exam before you can be granted your certification.  CNA training programs will teach you the skills you need to help provide care for patients who are sick or ill.  In most cases, you will work under the direction of licensed or registered nurses.

Requirements for Entering CNA Training Programs

The requirements to enter a CNA training program can be a little different depending on the state where you live.  However, most states have some basic criteria that must be met.  There might be an exception or two, but most CNA training programs will require you to be at least 18 years old even if you already have a high school diploma.  It is typically necessary to be a high school graduate or to have your GED before entering A CNA program.

You will need to consent to a criminal background check if you want to train to become a certified nursing assistant.  Most crimes will prevent you from entering into a training program. If you have ever worked in a healthcare setting , your work record will be viewed.  You will not be accepted for training if you ever abused or neglected a patient.  The same is true if you ever stole from a patient or client.  Most CNA training programs will require you to have a physical.  You will need to be in general good health to be admitted for training.

A Look at the Programs

CNA training programs are taught by professional nurses.  Other qualified healthcare professionals can also be involved in training.  The training programs prepare students to take and pass the certification exam and to work successfully as nursing assistants.  Students learn to develop the skills they need to complete nursing assistant tasks and duties.

CNA training programs include both classroom work and clinical experience.  The classroom time provides students with the background and foundation information they need to work as a CNA.  The clinical experience provides students with the opportunity to work with and interact with patients.  Students learn what it will be like to work with patients in a healthcare setting on a day to day basis.

Some CNA training programs are on a full-time basis and only last for about 3 or 4 weeks.  Other programs are on a part-time basis and take several weeks to complete.  After you complete the training program in it’s entirely, you will be eligible to apply to take the nursing assistant certification exam.  The exam will have both a written portion as well as a portion where you will be graded on your ability to demonstrate a few different nursing assistant skills.

CNA training programs will prepare you for a career working in a variety of healthcare settings.  You will want to take your time to find a good quality program that will prepare you well when it is time to take the certification exam.

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