CNA Training Classes

Before you are able to work as a certified nursing assistant (someone who provides basic care for patients under the direction of a nurse), you will need to complete a CNA training course.  Make certain that you find CNA Training Classes that are accredited within your state.  Watch out for nursing aide training classes that are not accredited and that do not make you eligible to apply for nursing assistant certification.

Options for CNA Training Classes

When you are looking for a CNA training class, you will probably find that there are many options within your local area.  You should check with continuing care communities and other nursing care facilities.

Contact any community colleges, technical schools and allied health colleges in your area communities.  You should also check with any nursing schools in your area since some of these schools will also offer training.  The American Red Cross is another option if you are looking for a great quality nursing assistant program.  About 3 dozen chapters of the Red Cross offer CNA training.

Cost and Time Requirements

The cost of tuition for CNA training classes will vary.  Most programs will cost less than $1000 with some for as little as about $400.  Many programs will only be about three or four weeks.  There are some places that offer training programs on a part-time or even just weekend basis.  These programs take a few more weeks to complete.  You will find that some colleges offer CNA training classes during their regular semesters and therefore these classes will last a little longer than most.

Overview of CNA Training Classes

CNA training classes prepare students for various aspects of a career as a certified nursing assistant.  These classes teach students about basic medical procedures.  They are designed to help you learn to protect not only the privacy but also the dignity of each patient.  Classes are designed to teach you the best ways to communicate well with patients as well as other healthcare workers.

CNA training classes will then begin to teach you how to properly perform the most common duties of a CNA.  You will have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn during the clinical portion of your course.  This is when you will need to ask questions and to carefully watch other CNAs and the nurses with whom you work.

CNA Training classes must meet all standards set forth by the state in which you are completing training.  Many of these states allow the State Board of Nursing or the Nursing Aide Registry to set these standards.  The number of hours of study you must complete will depend on the minimum requirements of the state and the program you attend.  Courses will be taught by qualified nurses.

CNA Certification Exam

The CNA training classes will prepare you for the completion of the certification exam.  You will need to pass this two part exam before becoming certified.  The exam will include a written segment and, of course, a skills portion where you demonstrate CNA duties to the person administering the exam.  If you pay attention in class and study well, there is a good chance you will pass the exam on the first try.  Most states allow you to take the test more than one time if you do not pass.  If you fail the test multiple times, it is often necessary to take CNA training classes again.

CNA training classes prepare you for a job as a certified nursing assistant.  The course will make you eligible to sit for the certification exam.

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