What you will learn in a CNA Training Class

You will not be able to start a career as a certified nursing assistant until you take a CNA training class.  The class will provide you with the instruction you need to work as a CNA.  It will also provide you with the knowledge you need to sit for the certification exam in your state.  Each state has their own requirements for a CNA training class.  The courses must meet federal standards as well as those set forth by the state.

The minimum length for a CNA course will depend on the state where the course is located.  Students must spend time in both a classroom and a clinical setting to complete their training.  The federal government says that certified nursing assistants must have completed at least 75 hours of training.  Most states require more than a total of 75 hours between the clinical and classroom instruction.  Some require 120 hours or more of study.

A CNA training class will teach a student a great deal about a career as a nursing assistant.  Students will learn about patient privacy laws.  They will learn the best way to communicate with patients.  The class will help students to learn how to provide compassionate care for patients under all circumstances.  Students will also learn how to interact with other healthcare providers on staff.

You will learn a variety of skills that you will need as a certified nursing assistant when you take a CNA classes.  The course will teach you how to assist patient’s with activities of daily living including:  bathing, dressing, grooming, eating and toileting.  You will learn how to safely help patient’s move from bed to wheelchair.  When you are in a training class, you will learn how to rotate patients who are not mobile and other steps to prevent patient bedsores.

It is important to attend each of your classroom lectures and demonstrations so that you do not miss any important information.  Most CNA classes are fast paced and so you do not want to miss anything.  It is also critical that you do not miss any of your clinical study days.  The skills and information you learned during your training classes will be used when you have your hands on study working in a healthcare facility.

Your CNA class will be taught by a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse.  Most states require that a nurse have been in practice for at least two years before teaching a CNA course.  Other healthcare professionals might join the class from time to time to help you learn some of the skills you will need as a certified nursing assistant.

A good CNA training class will have you well prepared to sit for the certification competency exam.  You will be armed with the knowledge you need to pass both the written and skilled portions of the certification test.  Make certain to review and study all materials from your training class before it is time to sit for the exam.

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