CNA Certification Test

If you are training to become a certified nursing assistant, you might be concerned about the CNA Certification test.  You will need to take a state approved class for CNAs before you can take this test.  When you complete your coursework, you will be able to apply to sit for the certification exam.  You will receive a notice with the date and time of the test.

There are things you can do to help you prepare for your CNA Certification Test.  When you are still completing your certification course, you will want to do all reading and assignments.  Pay close attending during class and even take good notes.  If you have questions during any portion of your training, ask for help.

Pay careful attention to what you do while performing your clinical portion of the course.  Watch the work of other skilled certified nursing assistants so that you know how to perform your duties well.  Once again, it is important to ask questions if you have them because you will be demonstrating several CNA duties during your certification test.

Consider purchasing instruction videos and practice exams.  They can be very helpful when you are studying for the certification test.  Sometimes you can even find sample questions and practice exams online for free.  Do not be afraid to ask around for free or low-cost resources to help you study.

Practice some of the skills that you might have to perform during your CNA certification test.  You can practice with other nursing assistant students or with family and friends.  Remember to complete all aspects of a task (for example, do not forget to wash your hands and close a patient’s privacy curtain).

Pay careful attention to any instructions you are provided on the paperwork you receive for your certification exam.  You will probably be asked to bring one or more pencils with you for the written portion of the test.  If you are doing your test at in a clinical setting, you might be asked to demonstrate skills with patients directly.  Otherwise, you could be asked to bring someone with you to serve as your model patient.

It will probably be necessary to show some form of identification when you go for testing.  Make certain you have this with you.  You might also have paperwork that you must take with you to show it is time to sit for the nursing assistant certification exam.

The cna certification examination will be overseen by a state approved test administrator.  You will first need to finish a written part of a test.  This will usually be about 100 multiple choice questions related to the materials you covered during your class.

After that part of the test is over, you will need to demonstrate a handful of skills for the test administrator.  They will make sure you complete ever part of that skill (including safety measures).

It is important for you to pass both parts of the test, otherwise you will not receive certification.  In some cases, the state will allow you to take the test more than once.  There will be times when you will be required to repeat the training before taking the test.

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