Characteristics of a Successful CNA

There are many characteristics of a successful CNA.  A CNA will excel in their career and provide the best possible care for their patients if they have some great attributes.  Let us look at 5 characteristics of a successful.  Of course, these are just a few of the characteristics of a good CNA.  CNAs will need to have various personality traits in order to do well in their career.

There are many characteristics of a successful Certified Nursing Assistant. Today we will cover 5 of the most important ones that you should have to provide the patients with the best possible care.

Compassionate: A CNA should always be a compassionate individual.  They will often be working with individuals who are ill or injured.  They will also be interacting with family members who are concerned about an ill loved one.  CNAs should understand the fears and frustrations of patients and their families.  They should be compassionate even when a family member or patient is being difficult.  A good CNA will always act with compassion under all circumstances.

Kind: Successful CNAs should be kind individuals.  They should be able to make a patient feel more at ease even when they are not feeling well or are simply nervous about an appointment or test.  A patient likes to see a friendly face when they are interacting with their CNA.  They do not want someone who is unkind or who is not at all friendly to them.  CNAs should also be friendly when interacting with family members.

Hard-Working: A CNA should always be a hard-working individual.  CNAs have a lot of responsibilities and duties throughout the day.  They often work long hours and see many different patients.  A CNA should be very ambitious.  If a CNA does not want to work hard, they are not likely to stay employed for very long as a CNA.  They will need to be motivated and be a self-starter in order to be able to handle the workload of a CNA.

Patient: CNAs should be patient individuals.  They will often be over-worked and frazzled.  They cannot let this fact show through to patients, co-workers or family members.  A CNA must be patient even when a patient is being difficult.  They need to remain calm if a family member is complaining about something beyond their control.  Patience goes a long way in the field of nursing.

Responsible: A CNA must be a highly responsible individual.  They will be caring for patients with various levels of illness or injury.  You have to make sure all the paper work of that patient is in order and not miss out on any of the daily duties that you have to perform.

These are a few of the traits that a CNA should have.  You can consider whether or not you have these traits if you are giving some thought to starting out a career as a CNA.


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