How to write a Convincing CNA Resume

An important aspect of obtaining a lucrative position in the competitive health care industry is to produce a convincing CNA resume.  A resume is extremely important because it is a reflection of you in a written context.  It is brief summary of your training, experience and capabilities.  Apart from outward appearances, this can be one way for an employer to very quickly surmise whether or not you possess the qualities that they are looking for in a future employee.  You may be highly experienced or just out of training.  When writing a resume, try to adhere to the qualifications that the potential employer maybe looking for you to meet.   Before you begin, examine closely the position you are applying for and all that it entails.  Make sure you meet the training qualifications and that your certifications are up to date. Before we dive into the explanations on how to write a convincing and successful resume here are two samples that can help you.

Sample resume for entry level CNA

CNA resume sample with experience

Here is an explanation of each section you need to cover and what details you need to include:

Melissa Smith

Wichita, Kansas,

Phone 555-555-5555


Your objective should include the position you are applying for and what you hope to accomplish by working there.

*Qualified Certified Nursing Aid with 2 years of working experience and I am currently seeking a fulfilling and challenging position in which I can best utilize my clinical skills.

Skills and Qualifications

This area should include any skills or qualifications that you have obtained in your school or working environment.  Any of the following would be appropriate.

*Excellent interpersonal skills and favorable bedside manner

*Skilled at multi-tasking

*Competent to work independently and effective in communicating with other members of the health care team

*Works well in a team environment

*Registered and highly qualified certified nursing assistant

*CPR certification completed April 5, 2011


This part of your resume should include your education history, where you obtained your certification and the date that you completed it.  Also, be sure to include any class or training program you have completed that may help enhance your career such as a child psychology class or any computer training.

Here are some examples:

*Certified Nursing Assistant training and certification completed with Kansas City Vocational School

*Computer Science Course Completed

*Barrier and Bag Precautions /Mandatory Continuing Education (C.E.) credits completed

*HIPAA Training seminar attended with certification obtained April 20, 2011

Work History

This area of the resume should include your work history beginning with the most recent first and should entail a brief summary of your duties performed there.  If you have an extensive work history, try to include those that are pertinent to the position you are currently applying for and you only have to include 2 or 3.  If you are a new graduate you may list former positions that are not related to the medical field.  Though this may not demonstrate any experience as a C.N.A., it will attest to your former work habits and the dependability.

*I have 2 years experience as a certified Nursing Assistant at Country Heart Home Health.  My employment dates there are April 1st, 2009 – present.   My duties there included but are not limited to:  I worked under the supervision of the Case manager; RN and the Doctor on call, assisted patients with activities of daily living such as light clean up, bathing and preparing light meals.  Obtained vital signs and performed range of motion exercises per Doctor’s order.   I completed in-service training as required.  I have a valuable understanding of medical terminology and disease etiology.  I feel confident in my clinical skills and training and I look forward to working in a clinical position with diverse opportunities where I can strengthen and expand my knowledge base.

Volunteer Work

You may or may not have had any volunteer experiences but it is a good idea to include them if you do.  Volunteer work does not always have to be job related.  Including this information is a good way for a potential employer to see that you have initiative and are willing to make the best of your time.  It also demonstrates enthusiasm and shows that you are willing to go that extra mile.

*BP clinic at Wal-Mart

*Food pantry Volunteer

*Cub-scout Den Mother


You should always include a list of references.  These may include a Doctor or Nurse who have supervised your work or even the instructor from the location where you received your training. Try to choose someone who is familiar with your work capabilities and achievements.  You want someone who will highlight your good points.

*Donna Patton, BSN, Case Manager

Country Heart Home Health

554-444-4444 ext. 250

*Dr. Harold Harrison, MD

Horizons Healthcare Facility

555-454-4545 ext. 18

Cover Letter

Lastly, it is important to include a professional cover letter.  It should be simple and attractive.  If you spill coffee on it; throw it away and make a new one.  It should be addressed to the person who is responsible for hiring such as human resources or a case manager or an office manager.  Address it to the attention of the hiring party.  It should state the position for which you are applying and should include a brief summary as to why you feel you are best suited for that position.  Only include skills and qualities pertaining to the position and be sure to include your current contact information.

Creating a resume can seem a rather daunting and intimidating task but it is well worth the effort.  Take your time and make an honest effort to put your best qualities on paper.  Try not to be discouraged if you fail to land the first job you apply for.   Keep trying and in time you will find the right job for you. Good luck!

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