CNA Resume Examples for someone with Experience

Here is a CNA Resume for someone who has work experience but would like to get a new job. Remember that your resume is the first step to a potential job so it is vital for it to be perfect in every way. Your employer will not call you for an interview if he is not impressed by your resume.

If you have just finished your CNA Program and are looking for a job to get started, here are a few quick links that can help you in writing a successful resume and writing your first resume as a CNA.

Guide to resume writing

Writing your first resume as a CNA with no experience

This article includes 2 CNA resume examples for someone with experience. You should include a cover sheet and your contact information for each of these resumes.

here’s the first one.

Contact Information: You should include your full contact information in this part of the resume on the cover sheet, this will include details like: Full Name, Address, Mobile Numbers, Email, Etc.

Objective: Seeking full time position in which to elaborate on my skills as a C.N.A. and further my experience in a clinical setting.

Skills and Qualifications: Since you aren’t entry level, you may have more to include in this area.

Highly Qualified State Certified C.N.A since 1999

CPR and First Aid certified April 05, 2011

Proficient in Medent Computer system

Attended in-services regularly

Prompt answering of call lights

Have cared for residents of various ages in various areas of expertise including Med-Surg , Geriatrics and Mental Health

Education: This will be where you list your education history.

C.N.A. Certification obtained at Talihina Vocational School May, 10, 1999.

Completed State Mandated Education Courses

Continuing Education completed at regular in-services via St. Mary’s Medical Center

HIPAA Training seminar attended with certification obtained April 20, 2011

Experience: Along with your basic skills, you can elaborate any special skills you may have performed while working.

Saint Mary’s Medical Center from June 25th, 2000 – Present

Worked  in the Mental Health Ward, assisted patients with A.D.L.s such as shaving, bathing, light housekeeping, reported changes in patient mood or status, monitored patients on suicide watch and patients on detox status.

Worked Med-Surg with attending to patients of all ages with various conditions, performed basic C.N.A. duties, monitored I & O, observed patients receiving IV medications, reported changes in condition to charge nurse.

References: You will also need to include references and contact information.

Paula Pratt, BSN, Patient Care Coordinator,




Here is the second example. You will need to begin with a cover sheet.  Then follow with your objective.

Objective: Qualified and capable C.N.A. seeking flexible, part time, Home Care, position while attending L.P.N. program.

Skills and Qualifications: You will list any positive skills and qualifications that you have acquired during your experience as a C.N.A.

Certified C.N.A. since 1992

ACLS certified

Certified to perform EKGs

Commendable bedside manner and able to build trust with patients

Excels in multi-tasking

Works well with others

Reliable and prompt

Obtains and records vital signs accurately

Education: List any education you have obtained during your journey as a C.N.A.

C.N.A Program completed and certification obtained via Hartford Technology Center May, 10, 1992

CPR and First Aid Certification obtained May 14th, 2011

In house training for dietary guidelines for the cardiac patient acquired December 2nd, 1999

Experience: Again, list any past work experience that you have acquired.

Cardiology Health Center September 1999 – present

Provides safe environment for patient, assists patients post procedures with ambulating, dressing, and observes knowledge deficits that may require further teaching from the R.N.

Obtains vital signs, assists patients with ADL’s and reinforces instruction from nurses and Physicians.

Heartland Home Health Care May 25th 1992 – August 1999

Made home care visits to patient’s homes: assisted with ADL’s bathing, making light meals, grocery shopping, reporting changes in patient status to charge nurse.

References: List your references after asking permission.

Dr. Moses Gelato, Cardiologist


Heather Amos, BSN


These resumes represent 2 different C.N.A.s, each with various levels of skill and experience.   When you write your resume, follow the basic resume structure but make certain that it is tailored to meet your needs.  A proper representation of yourself is the best way to secure a career path that is beneficial for you and your employer.  Good luck!

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Written by Stephanie Dubenezic RN, LPN

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