Red Cross CNA Chapters

The American Red Cross provides nursing assistant training in about 36 cities throughout the United States.  This is an excellent training program for anyone who wants to start a career as a CNA.  Students do exceptionally well when it is time to take the competency exam for nursing assistants when they attend one of the Red Cross CNA Chapters.

There are Red Cross CNA Chapters scattered throughout the United States.  These Red Cross training programs are fully approved by the states in which they offer courses for certified nursing assistants.  The training programs typically last for a few weeks and can cost several hundred dollars or more.  The cost of the courses will vary depending on the Chapter of the Red Cross where the class is being offered.

Certified nursing assistant training is offered in about thirty-six different chapters of the American Red Cross.  Some states have more than one branch of the Red Cross offering training for individuals looking to become certified as nursing assistants.  Courses are often offered at Red Cross units in the larger cities within a state.

It is easy for individuals to determine whether there are any Red Cross CNA Chapters in their local area.  The American Red Cross Website offers a list of all chapters that provide CNA training.  The list includes the state and the city name for each branch providing training.

Individuals can visit the CNA training page for the Red Cross Website for a list of the cna training chapters.  The website also provides the website URL’s for the local Red Cross websites for the branches that offer nursing assistant training.  Men and women who want to train as CNAs can easily find information about Red Cross training in their area.
As with any other training program, the Red Cross CNA Chapters must meet or exceed the minimum curriculum requirements for nursing assistant programs set forth by the state and national guidelines.  Courses include both classroom instruction and clinical training sessions.  Classes will be taught by experienced nurses.

The Red Cross CNA training programs provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to work successfully as nursing assistants.  The courses are very extensive and throughout Students will need to follow along and to study hard in order to do well in the class.

After a student completes training through the American Red Cross, he or she will need to apply to sit for the certification exam.  Students will receive notification of the testing dates, times and locations.  Most students who have received training through the Red Cross find that they do quite well on the certification exam and often pass on the first attempt.

The American Red Cross has a positive reputation in working with nurses and helping individuals who have been the victims of tragedies and crisis situations.  Their nursing assistant training programs lives up to the same great standards.  Hopefully someday even more branches of the Red Cross will offer training programs for nursing assistant students who want one of the best training options.

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