CNA Job Interview Tips

The key to finding success as a working C.N.A. begins with an interview.  Attending an interview can be an intimidating experience.  You may second guess your abilities or feel put on the spot when direct questions are asked.  There are some things you can do to make the interview a positive experience.

Be Prepared:

Preparation for an interview is essential.  The last thing you want to do is to enter into an interview for a health care position and seem unsure of yourself or your abilities.  Do some research about the facility, and investigate the description of the position for which you will be applying for and all that the position will entail.  You will not only have a better idea of what the potential employer may ask of you during the interview process but,  you will also have a better indication as to how you will answer.

Look the Part:

You have heard the old adage, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  This is especially true when applying for a position in a competitive field such as health care.  You should maintain a well kept, clean appearance, and you should assert positive affect as well.  Scrubs are generally not proper interview attire.  Wear something casual and try not to overdo.  Try to wear something that flatters you and that you are comfortable in.

Represent Yourself:

An interview can either make or break you.  The sole purpose of an interview is to give a potential employer the opportunity to surmise your credentials and competence regarding the position for which you are applying.  The interview itself is but a brief moment for you to show a potential employer whether or not you meet the qualifications necessary to carry out the job.  Be sure to highlight your past experience, education, volunteer work and any positive traits that you may possess in relation to the prospective position.

Show Interest:

One way you can show a probable employer that you are interested in working for them is to do just that.  Show interest.  Show up to the interview on time.  Ask some questions regarding the position you are applying for and be somewhat knowledgeable about the facility and staff.   Let the employer know through your facial expressions and attitude that you are up to the task.  You must try to maintain an optimistic persona.  If you are having a terrible day or are unprepared, you may want to reschedule the interview for a later date if possible.

Be Professional:

You should behave in a professional manner during an interview.  Try to be honest without revealing too much personal information.  For example, you should never speak poorly of a past employer or divulge any personal problems that you may have.  A potential employer will most likely not find this appealing.  Try to keep your personal life somewhat private.  Small talk is acceptable if the employer asks you a direct question regarding children and child care arrangements and such, but you should customarily try to adhere to the topic of employment as much as possible.

Make Yourself Stand Out:

One way to secure a position of employment is to stand out from the rest of the applicants.  I do not infer that you should come into a job interview with your hair dyed hot pink.  Here are a few appropriate ways to shine.  Be courteous and respectful.  Good manners and a smile will never go unnoticed.   Be organized.   Put forth a little extra effort when presenting your resume.   For example, present your resume or portfolio in a neat, organized and easy to read format and include a professional folder to submit to a potential employer.  Preserve good posture and maintain good eye contact.

The health care field is a competitive, ever changing and challenging profession, but with a little preparation and planning on your part, you can soon be an interview success and secure the C.N.A position that is right for you.   Good luck!

Written by Stephanie Dubenezic RN, LPN

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  1. labrithany bragg November 20, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    I have a interview tomorrow at a nursing home and i have not had a interview in so long. im very nervous.. wish me luck 🙂

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