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It is possible to become a cna online (technically).  You can complete some of your nursing assistant certification training online.  However, your clinical training must be conducted offline. If an online training program says that you can finish all aspects of your training online, it is not a legitimate program or is not intended to lead to certification.  Online cna programs are often less expensive than other training programs.

Why would you want to become a cna online?  Training for a career as a nursing assistant online can be a good option if you already have a full-time job and want to train in your spare time.  Online training is also a good option if you are a busy parent who needs to fit in your studies whenever you have a free moment.

The classroom portion of nursing assistant training can be completed on the Internet.  If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, you need to complete training through a program that has been approved by the state.  After that training, you will need to pass the exam for certified CNAs.  If you decide to try online cna courses, you will want to make certain that the course is fully accredited in your state.

When you train to be a cna online, you will need to read modules (or textbooks), complete assignments and even take tests.  You will learn theories and basic medical procedures through your online training.  You will probably also view instructional videos to help you learn more about the skills performed by nursing assistants.

The clinical segment of your certified nursing assistant training cannot be completed online.  This will need to be done at a healthcare facility or another training center.  You will need to contact the online school offering cna training in order to find out where you can complete your clinical training in your area.

It is essential that you make certain that there is a place in your community that will allow you to complete your cna training when you are attending an online nursing assistant training program.  Your clinical training will need to be completed under the supervision of a professional nurse.

Online training programs can prepare you well for a career as a nursing assistant.  You will need to be a motivated individual who is also a self-starter if you want to successfully complete training online.  It will be necessary to keep up with your work and to finish all reading and written assignments.

When you complete all aspects of a nursing assistant training program online (including your offline clinical training), you will need to sit for the nursing assistant competency exam in your state.  You will not be able to receive your certification until/unless you receive a passing grade on the exam.

Take your time when looking for online cna training programs.  You need to do so in order to find a program that is fully accredited and to find one that will meet your learning needs.

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