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You should considering training to become a nursing assistant if you want to begin an entry-level healthcare career.  You can earn a good hourly wage if you work as a certified nursing assistant. A job as a certified nursing assistant can be rewarding even though it is certainly not usually a glamorous job.

Training Hours and Requirements

If you are looking to become a certified nursing assistant in Wyoming, you will need to attend one of the courses approved by the State Board of Nursing in Wyoming.  This is the department that sets all requirements and curriculum standards for nursing assistant certification training classes as well as the exam for certification.    These courses will cover 120 hours or more of training.

You will receive classroom instruction to provide you with the background you need to become a certified nursing assistant.  You are likely to have some lab training as well as role playing during the class.  Nursing assistant training also includes clinical training to help you learn firsthand how to complete the tasks and duties of a nursing assistant. Attend all classes and complete all assignments in order to be well prepared for your career and your certification exam.

Certification Through Endorsement

You should consider applying for certification through endorsement in Wyoming if you already have a valid certification in another state.  It is important to have been listed in good standing on the Nursing Aide Registry in your former state.  You can retrieve an application for endorsement from the Board of Nursing in the state of Wyoming.  They will receive details about your training in the former state.  In addition they will verify that you have been employed as a certified nursing assistant.  Of course, you cannot work as a CNA if you have been convicted of criminal felonies.  If your application is approved your nursing assistant certification will be transferred to Wyoming.

Certification Renewal in Wyoming

When you receive nursing assistant certification renewal, you will know it is time to renew your certification (this occurs every two years).  The forms will include instructions as to how to complete.  You will have your current employer complete a section of your form as well for work as a certified nursing assistant or providing nursing related duties.  Once you have completed the forms, you will submit them in order to retain your nursing assistant certification.  Include any fees and/or requested documents when renewing your certification.


Q.  If I become a certified nursing assistant in Wyoming, I know that the certification must be renewed. every so often.  I believe it is renewed every two years.  I am wondering what the requirements are for continuing education and work hours to be eligible; to renew my certification?

A.  It is necessary to have worked as a CNA for no less than sixteen ours in a two year period if you are going to renew your license.  During a two year period, you will also need to complete continuing education in the amount of 24 hours during that two year period.  That equates to 12 hours for each year.  Training hours can be logged on this type of form:

Q. I would like to work as a certified nursing assistant in Wyoming.  I would like to learn more about this career area before I make a final decision.  What are some of the most common duties of a nursing aide in Wyoming?

A.  Obviously, the duties can vary depending on the setting in which you are working.  Nursing assistants are often responsible for monitoring vital signs including pulse, blood pressure and temperatures.  A nursing aide is generally responsible for helping individuals with activities of daily living.  The amount of assistance you provide can be minimal or can be a lot depending on a patient’s needs.  It could be your responsibility to help patients with toileting, moving from their bed to a wheelchair or getting from one place in the nursing care facility to another.  These are just a few examples of the nursing related duties you will carry out.

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