CNA Certification in WV – West Virginia

You can become a nursing assistant in West Virginia by enrolling in and completing a CNA Training course.  This course must be approved by the state and will qualify you to sit for the nursing assistant certification exam. You can enter into an entry-level healthcare career by training to become a nursing assistant.

Training Requirements and Hours in West Virginia

Nursing assistant training programs are available throughout the state of West Virginia.  You can find programs at nursing care facilities, long-term care facilities, colleges, some high schools and even at select nursing schools.  These programs will meet or exceed the states 120 required hours for training.

Training courses will prepare you well for the skills you need to master as a nursing assistant.  You will spend at least 65 hours of your training in a classroom setting and another 55 hours completely hand son training.  The CNA training classes will be taught by professional nurses who follow the curriculum guidelines set forth by the state.

You will learn about much more than the tasks that you will complete each day as a certified nursing assistant.  You will also learn how to communicate well with patients, their family and other staff members.  The course will teach you how to provide safe care for patients while always maintaining their dignity.

Certification Through Reciprocity

If you hold a nursing assistant certification in another state, you should consider applying for reciprocity in West Virginia.  This is a process where by you apply to have your CNA certification transferred from your prior state to the state of West Virginia.  Contact the Nursing Aide Registry for West Virginia if you need an application for certification through reciprocity.

The application for reciprocity will ask you to verify your training and employment history from your prior state.  The state of West Virginia will verify that you hold a valid CNA certification in your former state.  Completely fill out all sections of the application to transfer your certification to West Virginia.

CNA Certification Renewal

In order to maintain an active status on the Nursing Aide Registry, you will need to renew your certification every twenty-four months in West Virginia.  You will be eligible to do so if you worked for eight hours or more as a nursing assistant or providing related duties during that time.  You cannot have had any felony convictions or any complaints from patients listed against you.  Complete and submit the CNA certification renewal forms that you receive when it is time to renew your certification.


Q.  I have decided that I want to become a certified nursing assistant.  I want to work in a career where I can help others.  I think this would be a good starting point.  Are there requirements in the state of West Virginia that must be met to be enrolled in a state approved program?

A.  Unlike some states, West Virginia does not have too many requirements.  You do not even need to have a high school diploma or GED.  Individuals, who have been convicted for crimes against individuals who are/were incapacitated and those who have been convicted of crimes against children, cannot enroll in CNA training.  The same is true of anyone on an abuse registry or those who were convicted of molesting children.  Keep in mind that individual CNA programs can have their own entrance requirements such as holding a high school diploma or GED.

Q.  I recently completed a nursing assistant program and passed my competency exam.  I am now listed on the nursing assistant registry.  In any case, I was just offered employment by a certified (Medicare and Medicaid) nursing care facility.  One of my friends said I could be reimbursed for my training costs, is this true?

A.  If you have completed your training and competency exam within the last 12 months and you go to work for a certified nursing care facility, they will reimburse you for program expense and expenses for your competency exam.  This is not the case if it has been more than 12 months since you finished training.

CNA Certification Guidelines by State:

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