CNA Certification in SD – South Dakota

You can become a certified nursing assistant by selecting and completing one of the state-approved nursing assistant courses.  After finishing the course, you will need to sit for and pass the certification exam.  If you hold a certification in another state, you can apply to have your certification transferred to South Dakota through the process of endorsement.  You might also be able to waive CNA training if you are a nursing student or have completed nursing fundamental courses.

CNA Training Requirements

You will prepare for a career as a certified nursing assistant when completing a CNA training course.  You must find a training course that has been certified by the state in order to be eligible to take the certification exam.  The training classes will include 75 hours of clinical and classroom training.  Some programs will cover even more than 75 hours of training to provide you with more extensive training.  Courses will be taught by registered nurses who have two years of experience or more.

A CNA training class will teach you the skills you will be using each day as a nursing assistant.  You will learn to complete all the main tasks and duties associated with a certified nursing assistant.  You will also have some theoretical instruction to help you learn about medical procedures, patient privacy and other vital information.

Application for Endorsement

If you hold a CNA certification that is still valid in another state, you should apply to have it transferred to South Dakota.  You will need to complete an application for endorsement in its entirety and to submit any required documents.  You can be considered for certification through endorsement if you completed a training program that was accredited by the state of certification.  It will also be necessary to be able to prove that you passed the certification exam in that state.  Verification of your prior employment will also be required.

CNA Certification Renewal in South Dakota

A certified nursing assistant certification is not valid for life.  You will need to renew this certification every twenty-four months in order to continuing working as a CNA.  During that time, you will need to have worked as a nursing assistant or providing duties that are related to nursing.  Employment verification is part of the renewal process.  You will need to be listed in good standing on the Nursing Aide Registry without having any complaints filed against you.  Complete your CNA renewal forms so that you can submit them and not worry about your certification expiring.


Q. I used to work as a CNA but had a problem with alcoholism.  Much to my regret, this affected my work.  As a result, I had 2 findings of patient neglect and two findings of misappropriation of funds listed on the nursing assistant registry. I have been sober for 5 years now and would love to become a certified nursing assistant again in South Dakota. Is this possible since so much time has passed since my findings?

A.  You will not be able to work as a certified nursing assistant.  The findings on the nursing assistant registry have made it that you are not hirable as a CNA.  It would also not be possible for you to be accepted into a nursing assistant training program.

Q.  I am working for a healthcare provider and have expressed an interest in becoming a certified nursing assistant.  My employer said they would pay for me to receive nursing assistant training but that I would need to continue working for them for a certain length of time after becoming a certified nursing assistant.  Can they do this?

A.  An employer is often able to require you to continue working for them for a time after they pay for training or to further your education. They do this as a way to protect their investment in the money they spend for your training.  Typically, you will have to reimburse the employer for training expenses if you do not stay for that specified amount of time.

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