CNA Certification in PA – Pennsylvania

There is a high demand for certified nursing assistants in Pennsylvania.  CNAs receive a good income within Pennsylvania and are able to provide important care for patients in healthcare settings.  You can find nursing assistant training programs throughout the state.

Training Requirements

You will not be able to register to take the nursing assistant training course in Pennsylvania unless you attend a state approved training course.  These courses will be 120 hours or longer for completion.  You will have to complete both classroom and clinical studies during the course of the CNA program.  The course will provide you with the information and skills you need to have a long and successful career as a certified nursing assistant.  You will study basic medical procedures, basic nursing skills and disease prevention tops (just to name a few).  The information you study and practice will make it possible for you to provide safe and high-quality care for your patients when you begin your work as a certified nursing assistant.

Certification through Reciprocity

In some cases, you can start a career as a CNA without needing to attend a training program.  You can apply for certification through reciprocity if you are certified as a nursing assistant in another state.  The state of Pennsylvania will review your training and employment history to determine whether or not it matches the requirements to become a CNA in Pennsylvania.  If it does, you can be listed on the Nursing Aide Registry and will be able to begin employment as a certified nursing assistant.  The forms that you need to apply for reciprocity can be received from the Nursing Aide Registry.  If your application is not approved, then you will need to complete the requirements specific to becoming a CNA in Pennsylvania.

CNA Renewal in Pennsylvania

You will need to renew your certification by the expiration date on your certification paperwork in order to be able to continue working as a CNA.  You will receive forms from the Nursing Aide Registry a couple months before your certification is due to expire.  You can also find the necessary forms on the website for the Nursing Assistant registry.  Complete all sections of the renewal paperwork and attach any documentation or verification paperwork requested.  Contact the nursing aide registry if you have allowed your license to expire or if you have not worked in your field over the last two years.


Q.  I just started a nursing assistant training program here in Pennsylvania.  This is a program on the approved list for the state.  The instructor has not yet discussed the competency exam that will need to be taken after this test.  I am wondering how and who will schedule the competency exam for me when the times comes.

A.  Your instructor will often help you to schedule your exam.  In some cases, it will be your employer who helps you to schedule the test.  This is especially true if you are receiving training from your employer directly.  It is the Red Cross that schedules the CNA testing in the state of Pennsylvania.

Q.  My friend is working hard to become a certified nursing assistant.  However, English is not her first language.  She is concerned about the written exam portion of the certified nursing test.  Are there any accommodations that can help her?

A.  It is possible for your friend to request an oral exam be given.  She could have questions read to her orally rather than needing to read the written portion of the test.  Your friend can take an assessment test to help her determine if she will struggle with the written test.  This information can be located here:

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