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An individual cannot work as a certified nursing assistant in Oklahoma until they meet all requirements for certification.  Individuals who do not hold an active certification in another state or who have not graduated from an accredited nursing program must complete a nursing assistant training course and then pass the subsequent nursing assistant certification exam that is administered by the state.  Certified nursing assistants work with patients in healthcare settings and some even work in home health settings.  They provide basic care services for patients and assist those patients with activities of daily living.

CNA Certification Training Requirements

An individual who is interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant must attend a state-approved training program.  These programs will consist of at least 75 hours of study.  Some classroom instruction will be provided.  Students will also gain experience working with patients in a clinical setting.  Prospective nursing assistants will learn to provide safe and effective care for their patients.  They will learn about emergency procedures, infection control and patient rights.  Students will be well prepared to sit for the nursing assistant training program upon completion of a training course.

The nursing assistant certification exam meets all requirements set forth by the state of Oklahoma.  Students will need to sit for a written exam that will test the knowledge they learned in the classroom.  Students will then demonstrate a few different nursing assistant skills for the test administrator.  Students must follow all procedures carefully when demonstrating some of the various duties they will perform as a nursing assistant.  Students will not become certified until hey pass both parts of the test.

CNA Reciprocity

Some individuals will be eligible for reciprocity thus allowing them to transfer their certification to Oklahoma.  If an individual holds a valid and active nursing assistant certification in another state, they can apply to transfer their certification.   Individuals who are interested in applying to transfer their certification must contact the Department of Health in Oklahoma for application details.  Individuals who have graduated from an accredited nursing program have the ability to apply for exemption from the nursing assistant training course.  Applications for either option will be carefully reviewed by the Department of Health.

CNA Renewal in Oklahoma

Nursing assistants will receive paperwork and instructions to renew their certification every two years.  They must carefully review and complete the paperwork.  It must be submitted before their certification is set to expire.  Nursing assistants will need to have their employer complete a portion of their renewal packet to verify that they have worked at some point in the field during that two year period.


Q.  If I decide to become a certified nursing assistant, I know I must take and complete in its entirety a nursing assistant program.  Then, I will need to sit for the certification exam.  What are the requirements to take the exam aside from finishing a state approved CNA class?

A.  It will be necessary to submit an application to sit for the exam.  You will need to provide proof that you completed a state certified training course.  You will need to submit your fingerprint cards.  In addition, you must supply two photos that are the size of passport photos.  The test cannot be taken unless you had a TB test and had negative results.  You must also be up to date for all immunizations.

Q.  I have a few medical problems.  But I am hoping to become a certified nursing assistant.  I have been working in another field and have done quite well.  Can my health prevent me from becoming a CNA?

A.  You do need to be able to meet the needs of clients safety and effectively.  If your health condition would prevent you from doing so, it might not be possible to become a certified nursing assistant.  You can be required to have a doctor complete a health form before you being a CNA training class, if they identify reasons why you could not carry out the duties of a CNA, you could be denied acceptance.  It really depends on your condition and the severity of your condition.  There are certainly nursing assistants with medical conditions who are able to have long-term careers in the industry.

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