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Nursing assistants in Ohio provide basic care services for patients in healthcare settings.  They provide assistance with activities of daily living as well as emotional support for patients and clients.  There are various nursing assistant certification training programs in Ohio.  Individuals must attend one of these courses in order to be eligible to sit for the Certification exam.

CNA Certification Training and Requirements

An individual will not be classified as a certified nursing assistant in the state of Ohio until they successfully complete a state-certified training course AND pass the necessary certification exam.  Prospective Nursing Assistants must complete at least 75 hours of study.,  Some of this coursework will consist of lectures and lab work.  The remaining hours will be spent in a clinical setting.  Students will learn the skills they need to provide quality care services to patients in various health care settings.

Nursing assistant students must complete a training course in its entirety before sitting for the state-approved nursing assistant examination.  The exam will have a written segment that tests students on the information they learned in the classroom.  There will also be a skills portion where students will demonstrate a few nursing assistant skills for the test administrator.  If an individual passes both portions of the exam, they will become a certified nursing assistant.

CNA Transfer in Ohio

If an individual holds a nursing assistant certification in another state, they are sometimes eligible to be granted a certification in Ohio without repeating a training course.  Individuals will need to contact the nursing aide registry for instructions on how to apply for a transfer of their certification.  Applicants will need to provide a copy of an up-to-date certification from the other state.  They will also need to submit a copy of their official Photo ID as well as a copy of their social security card.  The state of Ohio will verify that the individual is listed in good standing on the Nursing Aide Registry in their former state.  They will also ensure that the training program the individual completed meets requirements of training in the state of Ohio.  If an applicant is approved for transfer, they will be exempt from repeating a CNA training program.

CNA Certification Renewal

A nursing assistant in Ohio must renew their certification every twenty-four months.  The individual must have worked as a CNA or providing nursing related duties during that time.  CNAs must also have completed any required continuing education credits before renewing their certification.  If a nursing assistant has not worked during that two-year period, they might be required to repeat training or to sit for the certification exam again before receiving certification.


Q.  I love working as a certified nursing assistant but have taken some time off work because my husband and I just welcome our first baby.  I do want to be able to return to work as a certified nursing assistant.  I am hoping that my certification does not lapse.  My certification is not due for renewal yet, so can I return to work in another few weeks?

A.  Your CNA certification will not go inactive as long as you are able to clock consecutive hours in the amount of 7 ½ hours over a 24 month period.  The other option is to simply clock a total of 8 hours within 48 hours.  If the hours are spread over 48 hours, they do not need to be right in a row.

Q.  My nursing assistant certification is due for renewal.  This is the first time I have had to renew my certification since it has only been two years since I first became a CNA.  I love my work and am going to continue in my current employment.  I know that I must verify that I have met the required number of hours to renew my certification.  Who at my place of employment can verify that I have carried out my nursing related (CAN) duties?

A.  OF course, someone at your place of employment will need to verify your employment and the number of hours you worked.  This paperwork should be filled out by the nurse you worked under or one of your supervising nurses.  Additionally, a physician you worked under can also complete this information.

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