CNA Certification in NV – Nevada

You can start a career as a certified nursing assistant in Nevada by attending a training course and passing the state approved certification exam.  You can also apply to transfer an active certification from another state to Nevada.  There are a variety of certified nursing assistant training programs in the state to start you on the path to a new career.

Training Hours and Requirements

It is necessary to find a training program that is accredited by the state.  Courses will cover 75 hours of training or more.  Any courses that are less than 75 hours will not make you eligible for the certification exam.  You will spend at least sixty hours training in the classroom.  The rest of your time will be spent training directly at a healthcare setting (clinical experience).  There might also be some lab instruction during the nursing assistant training class.

Nursing assistant training programs meet the criteria set forth by the state.  These training courses will help you to learn the background information you need to work well as a certified nursing assistant.  The course will provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills as a certified nursing assistant.

Certification Renewal in Nevada

Nursing assistant certification renewal is something that is required every two years.  A few months before your certification is due to expire you will be sent your certification forms.  These forms should be easy to understand and complete.  You will fill out the forms and provide any necessary documentation and information.

You will need to complete twenty-four hours of continuing education training every two years.  When you are working as a certified nursing assistant, you must make certain to work for a minimum of 40 hours during a two-year time-span.  Your work must be in a job position as a nursing assistant or providing related duties.

CNA Certification Reciprocity in Nevada

You can become a nursing assistant through reciprocity in Nevada if you qualify.  The option to apply for certification through reciprocity is available to individuals who already hold a nursing assistant certification in another state.  You can request an application for reciprocity from the Nursing Aide Registry of Nevada.

The application to transfer your certification will require you to provide verification of your educational and work history.  The state of Nevada will make certain you have a certification that is still active and valid.  You must be listed as a certified nursing assistant in good standing if you wish to transfer certification.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  I know that I need to have fingerprinting done as part of the process to become a certified nursing assistant.  I am really looking forward to becoming a nursing assistant.  However, I have heard that it can take a few months for the Nursing Assistant Registry to receive the official copies of the fingerprints.  Does this hold up the process of becoming a nursing assistant?

A.  It is said that it sometimes takes up to four months before the official fingerprinting report is received.  An initial report is available before that time.  You will not be issued your permanent nursing assistant certification until that is received.  This is why they encourage you to have your finger printing done at the earliest date possible.

Q.  I qualified to become a certified nursing assistant here in Nevada as a result of my prior military experiences.  We had a child and my wife needed me to be home with her since our daughter was born premature.  I therefore opted to work from home for quite some time doing computer work. It did not occur to me that my CNA certification expired.  Can I renew my certification again based on my military experience?

A.  You will not be able to renew your certification or to become certified based on your previous experience again if your certification did, in fact expire.  At this point, it will be necessary to complete state approved training and testing again.  You will also need to submit a new finger print card not to mention a new application to be listed on the registry.

Certification Guidelines for CNA’s by State:

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