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You can start a career in the healthcare field by training to be one of the valued certified nursing assistants in New Jersey.  Training programs are often less than $1000 and sometimes you can even gain free training opportunities.  You will need to attend a training course for nursing assistants and then to pass the necessary competency exam.

Training Requirements

If you wish to become a certified nursing assistant in New Jersey, you will need to attend a training program that is among the Nurse Aide in Long Term Care Facilities Training and Competency Evaluation Program.  Otherwise you will not be able to work in a long-term care facility as a CNA.  Classes cover a total of 90 hours of training including classroom and clinical training courses.

You do not need to attend the above Evaluation Program if you want to work in an assisted living facility.  Instead, you will enroll in and complete a Personal Care Assistants training program.  These programs are approved by the state and offer at least 85 hours of study.  At least 16 of these hours are spent in a clinical setting providing you with the hands on experience you need to work well with patients.

Transferring Certification from Another State to New Jersey

You are able to apply to transfer a current (and active) certification from another state to New Jersey.  In order to do so you will need to contact the Department of Health and Senior Services for an application.  The department will verify your training records and employment history from the prior state.  The state of New Jersey will ensure that you were listed as active and good standing on the Nursing Aide Registry in the former state.  If you are approved for certification through reciprocity, you will not need to complete training in New Jersey.

CNA Certification Renewal in New Jersey

When you are working as a certified nursing assistant in New Jersey, you will learn that your certification needs to be renewed every two years.  In order to renew your certification, you will want to keep your record clear of any criminal offenses and to have a positive employment record.

You will need to complete all renewal documents and submit them to the address provided on the instructions.  The forms will ask for information about your work history over the past two years.  If you are working for a Medicare or Medicaid approved facility, your employer will cover the cost of your renewal.

Questions and Answers:

Q.  I am currently working as a certified nursing assistant.  The other night, I was with some friends and they committed robbery.  I believe that I might also be arrested for this crime even though it was not my idea.  If I would end up having a robbery conviction, will I lose my job as a certified nursing assistant?  I had a perfectly clean criminal record when my background check to become a CNA was conducted.

A.  Robbery is among the felony convictions that disqualify an individual from being certified as a nursing assistant.  If you do end up receiving a conviction, you will not be able to continue working as a certified nursing assistant.  You will no longer be eligible for employment as a CNA.

Q I have recently retired from my service in the military.  The duties I carried out in the military where like those carried about by civilian nursing assistants.  I am interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant now that I am no longer serving in the armed forces.  I am wondering if I need to complete a CNA training course?

A.  You might not need to take a training course.  It might be possible to sit for the CNA competency exam directly.  You will need to submit proof of training and work experience similar to that as a nurse aide that you performed in the military.  Your request to sit for the exam will only be considered if this training or experience was 12 months ago or less.  Send any documentation to the Certification Department (for nursing assistants) at PO Box 258, Trenton New Jersey 08625.

Certification Guidelines for CNA’s by State:

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